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Surface Coatings for Car Paint, Trim, Glass & Wheels

Surface Coatings for Car Paint, Trim, Glass & Wheels Car care has evolved over the years. In the old days of Flathead Fords and Lake Pipes, car crazy owners lovingly applied natural waxes to maintain their shine. The Digital Age saw the advent of MTV, calculator watches, fuel injection and synthetic polymers sealants which promised a brighter shine and more protection. Surface Coatings represent the latest advancement in car care, using 21st Century technology to form extremely long lasting, extremely thick shells of protection for your paint, interior, wheels and even glass!

Carnauba waxes and synthetic paint sealants have earned their keep and will always have a place in car care- from the connoisseurs who love the rich deep reflections of Pinnacle Souveran Ivory Carnauba Wax to the collector who appreciates the head-turning premium sealant shine of BLACKFIRE Wet Diamond All Finish Paint Protection- their application and reputation cannot be beat. Surface Coatings are the new subset in the car care lover's arsenal, giving once not thought of levels of protection with unimaginable durability. If you want the ultimate in long lasting protection for your car's paint, interior, wheels, and/or glass then look at Autopia's selection of Surface Coatings.

Paint Surface Coatings use unique ingredients -often quartz, silicium, or resins- to create a thick, durable and reflective shell of protection on your paint. Advances in scientific technology have allowed Paint Coatings to bond powerfully to the paint's microscopic surface, resulting in semi-permanent protection lasts for years or more. Optimum Opti-Coat 2.0 is a permanent paint coating that will last for the life of the paint. These coatings seal the paint from moisture and help prevent damage from sunlight, acid rain, bird bombs, bug splatter, environmental fallout, and more. And because Paint Surface Coatings create a microscopically smooth surface your paint will have reflections that are crisp, bright and reflective.

Surface Coatings are not just for the paint. Autopia Car Care carries a variety of coatings for your fabric, leather, interior and exterior trim, glass and wheels. Fabric coatings will prevent stains and sun fade while making cleaning easier. Some will even prevent bacteria from sticking! Coatings for glass will improve your vision by forcing rain to run off the windshield while making opaque road oils clean with ease. Surface Coatings for trim surfaces will prevent water staining, staining and sun fade. Technology has allowed the protective ingredients in modern Surface Coatings to become so small that they offer these benefits with not changing in feel or shine.

You can view Autopia Car Care's large selection of Surface Coatings for all areas of your vehicle by viewing the products below. Whether you are a professional detailer or an enthusiast, we have the coating for you. If you have any questions you can always call one of your Surface Care Specialists at 877.855.3125 or contact them by EMAIL.

Product Spotlight: GTechniq EXO Ultra Durable Hybrid Coating

Gtechniq EXO Ultra Durable Hybrid Coating creates mile-deep reflections on all colors
GTechniq EXO creates crisp, clear reflections on all colors. Check out the shine and reflectivity on the paint of this Ferrari 458 Italia that was polished and then coated with GTechniq EXO.

Gtechniq EXO Ultra Durable Hybrid Coating is a powerfully engineered combination of organic and inorganic components that provide superior, long lasting protection. This fusion of elements gives Gtechniq EXO an incredibly rich shine that lasts. Gtechniq EXO Ultra Durable Hybrid Coating creates a high surface tension on any surface it is applied to so water will bead up into little spheres and run from the surface. Even rainstorms will have a self cleaning effect!

Gtechniq EXO Uttra Durable Hybrid Coating will adhere to most surfaces including paint, gel coat, glass, metal, stone and even fabric! It becomes the new functional surface of the material it is applied to. EXO does battle with the elements while substrate remains safely sealed underneath the blanket of quartz based protection. In repeated accelerated weather testing up to 5 years, Gtechniq EXO retained 80-95% of its original benefits.

These benefits include an increased resistance to scratching, extreme water beading and dirt shedding, an extreme level of UV protection and a warm reflective shine that rivals the world's best waxes. Gtechniq researched a wide variety of materials and technologies to give you a Surface Coating that does it all!