Foam Cannons

Foam CannonsThe Foam Cannon attaches to your pressure washer to deliver a thick, frothy foam of high lubricity car shampoo that clings to your vehicle. The Foam Cannon is so effective that it usually takes 1 ounce of high yield car shampoo to a tremendous amount of foam. Dirt, road prime, and grease begin to loosen their hold immediately when using the Foam Cannon.

The Foam Cannon can be used as a pre-rinse on extremely soiled vehicles. When combined with the power of a pressure washer the majority of sharp grit is floated away safely. On lightly soiled vehicles the Foam Cannon can replace the need for a bucket of soapy water. Simply pressure wash the foam on, gently wash with a soft wash mitt, and pressure wash for a clean finish.

The Foam Cannon will fit a variety of electric and gas pressure washers by selecting the correct fitting for your pressure washer or by using a quick connect
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