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All Tire Dressings Tire dressings should offer more than just shine. Protect your tires and give them the look of your choice with a quality tire dressing or rubber protectant. A good tire protectant should help prevent fading, drying, and cracking in addition to looking good. Tires are subject to dirt, moisture, oils, and the elements – it’s important that your tire dressing be able to withstand these harsh conditions. Don’t just look for shine; look for protection as well. At, we have a selection of tire protectants and dressings that includes products by Meguiars, Mothers, Pinnacle, Optimum, and Stoner. Always apply a tire dressing to a clean tire in a thin, even coat. With regular use, a quality tire dressing will maintain the dark, satin luster of your tires.
Coverage: 400–600 square feet
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Produces a Deep, Rich, Long Lasting Shine!
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Tire and trim protection from road salt and winter grime.
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Fast and easy treatment!
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Dresses Tires Fast!
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Long lasting tire & trim protection from road salt and winter grime.
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