Lake Country Microfiber Pads

Lake Country Microfiber Pads Lake Country Microfiber Pads are designed to quickly correct defects and finish smoothly. This is all possible thanks to years of research leading to the development of cutting-edge microfiber material and ultra-durable adhesives and backing material. Lake Country Microfiber Pads are extremely durable and ready to tackle your next detailing project, whether youíre a weekend warrior or a production detailer!

Machine polishing pads have come a long way in recent years, and foam pads have certainly become the norm. Thereís only one problem: When your correction job needs some extra bite, most foams canít make it happen without extra passes. This wears out your pads faster, and creates more work for you. Lake Country Microfiber Pads offer more abrasive cut, without compromising finish!

Like the microfiber towels you use, each Lake Country Microfiber Pad features thousands of strands of microfiber. Each strand glides across the surface youíre correcting to provide faster results than a standard foam pad can. Lake Country Microfiber Pads remove heavy swirl marks, sanding scratches, water spots, oxidation, and other imperfections with ease!

If youíre worried about durabilityódonít! Lake Country has led the way on developing high-quality polishing pads that last, and Lake Country Microfiber Pads are no exception. Lake country uses adhesives that are created solely for use on the materials they are bonding, that means each Microfiber Pad features two separate adhesives, ensuring the best durability possible. Each Lake Country Microfiber Pad can be washed and reused multiple times making them a clear value.

Lake Country Microfiber Pads are available in two consistencies: Cutting and Polishing. The Lake Country Microfiber Cutting Pads offer greater abrasive properties, while the Polishing Pads finish to a smooth high gloss. Lake Country Microfiber Pads allow you to take your paint correction methods to the next level!