Meguiars Marine Line

Meguiars Marine LineGive your boat or RV the perfect finish with Meguiars marine care products! Meguiars marine care products consist of boat compounds, boat polishes, boat waxes and more! In the Meguiars Marine line you’ll find a product for every use imaginable including water spot removers, one step cleaner waxes, wash and wax shampoos and everything else to make boat and RV care effortless. Whether your boat or RV is neglected with a dull finish or brand new with a shiny finish, the Meguiars marine line has a product for you!

What makes Meguiars marine care products different from paint care products? It’s quite simple, actually. Boats and RVs feature a rock hard gel coat finish that differs greatly from your vehicle’s clear coat finish. Gel coat is much thicker and harder than conventional clear coats found on automotive paint systems because boats and RVs are exposed to the elements on a greater scale than a typical car. Salt water is very corrosive and will make a brand new boat look old and weathered in no time if not properly protected. The compounds and polishes in the Meguiars Marine line feature special abrasives and lubricating agents to make gel coat restoration effortless. Meguiars marine and RV waxes are very durable so they can withstand the harsh environment that boats and RVs are exposed to. What’s more, Meguiars Marine care products can be used in direct sunlight without any adverse effects.
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