3D 6.5 inch HD Foam Pads

3D 6.5 inch HD Foam Pads3D HD Foam Pads feature an open-cell “spider foam” technology for increased coolth while detailing as well as enhanced and tear-resistant durability. Available in three different varieties, compound, polishing, and finishing, the 3D HD Foam Pads are perfect for use with the 3D Compounds and polishes. By keeping things simple, 3D HD Foam Pads are easy to use and will yield great results!

3D HD Foam Pads feature:
• Spider-foam technology – 3D’s proprietary “spider-foam” technology allows for increased airflow throughout the pad. Especially useful on larger pads, this increase air flow keeps your detail cool and let you detail for longer!

• Tapered Edges – 3D Foam Pads use a tapered edge for enhance surface area contact during use, rather than an edge that abruptly stops on the edge.

3D 6.5 inch HD Foam Pads are available in the following:
Dark Purple Foam Cutting Pad – The heaviest cutting of 3D’s foam pads, the Dark Purple Foam Cutting Pad removes severe paint contamination, including oxidation, heavy swirls, deeper scratches, and ghosting from decals. Use with 3D Cutting Compounds for intense paint correction.

Light Purple Foam Polishing Pad – Softer than the Dark Purple Foam Cutting Pad, the Light Purple Foam Polishing Pad removes light swirls and scratches while also providing a nice finish. Use with 3D Polishes to refine the surface after compounding.

Black Foam Finishing Pad – The softest of all the 3d Foam Pads, the Black Foam Finishing Pad buffs the surface to a high gloss shine. It can also be used to apply liquid waxes and sealants and works well with 3D fine finishing polishes.

Care Instructions:
• To keep your 3D Foam Pad performing their best, be sure to thoroughly wash them after each use using a dedicated foam pad cleaner.
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