Meguiars Wheel & Tire Products

Meguiars Wheel & Tire ProductsWhether you’re driving a custom hot rod, a glimmering show car, or a regular old daily driver, Meguiars has the wheel cleaner and tire dressing that you need. When you take the time to fully detail the painted surfaces of your vehicle using Meguiars Car Care products, it’s important to take care of the wheels and tires too. With such a wide selection of user-friendly products, Meguiars makes wheel and tire care easy!

Road grime, brake dust, and other environmental contaminants make your rims look dull and dirty, and Meguiars makes wheel cleaners suitable for all types of wheels—from aluminum and chrome to factory painted. Once the wheels are cleaned up, a proper tire dressing will complete the look of any fully detailed vehicle. With a wide range of formulations available, Meguiars offers tire gels and tire dressings that are sure to please all car care enthusiasts.
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Produces a Deep, Rich, Long Lasting Shine!
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OSHA Compliant 32 Ounce Capacity Bottle
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