Meguiars D143 Non-Acid Wheel & Tire Cleaner 128 oz.

Item Description:

Deep clean clear coated, factory painted, and chrome wheels!

Non-acid cleaner removes brake dust quickly

Cleans road grime, light grease and dirt

Powerful cleaning for fast results

Meguiars Non-Acid Wheel & Tire Cleaner is a powerful wheel cleaning solution designed for use on clear coated, factory painted, and chrome wheels. Void of harsh and damaging acids, Meguiars Non-Acid Wheel & Tire Cleaner cleans brake dust and embedded grime from tires, deep cleaning them and leaving the rubber looking fresh and natural. Situated in Meguiar's Detailers Line, Meguiars Non-Acid Wheel & Tire Cleaner gives you professional results in an economically friendly size.

Brake dust and road filth dull the appearance of your wheels and turn your tires brown. Meguiars Non-Acid Wheel & Tire Cleaner's powerful cleaning agents work on contact, loosing grime's hold. Meguiars Non-Acid Wheel & Tire Cleaner gives your wheels and tires a highly detailed, perfectly clean appearance in record time.

Spray Meguiars Non-Acid Wheel & Tire Cleaner onto your cool-to-the-touch wheel's face, between the spokes, deep into the barrels, and over the tires. Lightly agitate with soft wheel brush or mitt. Clean in between the spokes and deep into the barrels with a soft-bristle brush such as Daytona Speed Master Wheel Brush. Rinse the solution of the tires and wheels and dry with a soft microfiber towel.

128 oz.

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21 Reviews
76% (16)
24% (5)
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100% Recommend this product (21 of 21 responses)
By Owen
Alabama, Roll Tide !!!!!
Outstanding !!!!!
September 17, 2022
I love that it is non acid. Does exactly as described, I would not use anything else.
By GonzoDetailing
Value That Does IT
May 31, 2021
Another great value that does what it says it will
  • Price
  • None
By Vincent
Columbia, SC
Non Acid wheel Cleaner
June 30, 2019
Great for those stubborn brake dust to remove
  • Great price
By Bill
Charleston, WV
Great product
March 19, 2019
This is one of the best products that I have purchased from Autopia, can't go wrong with Meguiars!
  • Ease of use, works as advertised, price
  • None
By Vince
Excellent product
February 13, 2019
Simply spray on and the brake dust almost falls off the wheel. Cleans even the areas you can't reach with a brush.
By Flip
Great cleaner
September 6, 2018
Tried it at a 2:1 mix and it worked very well to soften break dust for easy removal with a soft wheel brush. It also worked very good on removing dirt on the raised white lettering on my truck tires.
  • Economical
By Joshua
Mount Joy, PA
Good all around wheel cleaner
July 12, 2018
Perfect all around wheel cleaner. Gets the job done quickly and efficiently.
  • Effectiveness
  • Cost
  • None
By Jed
Tired of buying bottle after bottle
June 2, 2018
I just go tired of buying bottle after bottle of wheel cleaner and tire cleaner when I can just buy this mix in the bottle and be good for quite some time and it actually works well, can't go wrong.
  • easy to use and dilute to whatever strength you need
By Eric
Staten Island, NY
Go to wheel cleaner
October 15, 2017
Tried a ton of different wheel cleaners, hands down this is my favorite. Can be diluted, foams nice, cleans tires well, cleans wheels great. This is my go to wheel cleaner.
By Tristan
Gainesville, FL
works well
August 2, 2017
This is a nice non acidic cleaner, but not very strong on extremely dirty wheels
  • non acidic formula doesn't eat the lug nuts or wheel weights.
  • needs to be scrubbed on dirty wheels
By Raymoche
Good but not amazing
November 17, 2016
Works well for light duty wheel cleaning, if your wheels are heavily contaminated, look else where, or try non diluted concentration...
  • great for maintenance washes
  • not aggressive enough to clean really dirty wheels
By Slick
Palm Springs, CA
Great supply of wheel cleaner
September 22, 2016
you can dilute it and it will go a long way. I used to spend too much on consumer bottles, switching to this saves a lot of money and it's better with the matching bottles instead of a bunch of oddball products. Get a boars hair wheel brush and get those wheels looking sharp.
  • dilutes
  • gets rid of brake dust and wheels look super fresh!
  • It doesn't foam up much, feels more watery compared to the consumer one, still seems to work the same though
By Don
Williamson, NY
Just as its title states
August 22, 2016
Wheel AND Tire cleaner in one. No need for any specific tire & rubber cleaners with this product. I have a 32oz bottle mixed at 2:1 and another at 1:1. If the wheels are extra dirty grab for the 1:1 and you can spray down the whole thing with one product, let it dwell for a couple minutes and then scrub and rinse! Love this wheel cleaner.
  • Price
  • Uses
  • Dilutable
  • Effective
  • Not here
Salina, OK
True Dual Use Wheel and Tire Cleaner
August 2, 2016
Use diluted 2 to 1 for wheels and tires. Simple, effective, and economical. I been using a foam sprayer which works great this said I have read where others use chemical sprayer to use less product.
  • True Dual Use
  • Economical
  • Easy Application
  • None
By Chris
Great economical cleaner for maintenance washes
June 15, 2016
I bought this for weekly maintenance washes so I didn't have to use multiple cleaners for wheels & tires. This is a great tire cleaner and is tough on brake dust. With the right sprayer it can produce foam that will help with the dwell time. There is a slight chemical scent to it, so don't breath it in. This is also a pretty good cleaner for trim pieces I have found.
  • $$$, can be diluted, dwell time, strong enough for regular maintenance use
By bob o.
telford pa
nice cleaner
August 11, 2015
I have bought many tire cleaners over the years and this seems to work better than all of them. this cleaner took of a year or more worth of tire dressings off of a new tire from my new explorer that I just kept rinsing off and re coating. ( it didn't look too bad at the time but after the year and a rough winter and a few quick washes the tires and rims needed a good cleaning) this cleaner did the trick. next wash should be even better and easier
  • very powerfull
  • none
By Frank F.
Hellertown, PA
Isn't Magic, but works well!
December 17, 2014
This product cleans you wheels very well with just minimal effort. It comes in concentrated form so you get 4 gallons of spray cleaner from every gallon purchased. Used regularly, our cars look showroom clean!
  • Ease of use, simply spray on, rinse off.
  • Mixing from the large mouth gallon bottle requires some practice. Use a plastic funnel to avoid waste.
By Michael
Lawndale, CA
Great Tire & Wheel Cleaner
December 4, 2014
This is similar to Hot Rims All Wheel & Tire Cleaner. It cleans both tires and wheels really good. It is my go to wheel cleaner. I use it at 2:1.
  • Cleans wheels and tires
  • Affordable
  • Dilutable
  • None
By Michael
San Bruno, CA
Similar to Meguiar's Hot Rims Cleaner
November 18, 2014
Used to buy the retail version from Target for years but heard that this is the same thing.

Bought this and never looked back. Regretting now why I waited this long. Pair this with the grey chemical sprayer and you will be set. I tried several foaming spray heads but found it to consume more product with no real benefit.

For heavier caked on brake dust, I would go with Wheel Brightener.
By Shane
Canton, MI
Great cleaner for the $$$
September 6, 2014
This is my go to cleaner for light to moderately dirty wheels and my only cleaner for tires. Even with very dirty wheels I will hit it with this first then move on to the more expensive wheel cleaners just to save on the expensive stuff. You get a TON of cleaner here for the price. can/should be diluted. I keep some mixed at 1:1 for the tougher stuff and keep some mixed at 2:1 for general cleaning. It foams nicely out of a foam sprayer as well as foams up when agitated. Cleans very well but doesn't have much effect on surface rust on the wheels of moms mini van that hasn't ever been cleaned
  • Incredible value
  • can be diluted for whats needed
  • foams up to cling to surfaces
  • Minimal effect on surface rust on badly neglected wheels
  • Strong chemical scent
By tropicsteve
land o lakes, fl.
my favorite wheel & tire cleaner
September 4, 2014
after worrying about the effects of acid based cleaners I gave this a try and was pleasantly surprised. excellent tire and wheel cleaning ability without any harsh effects. great value for the money. definitely my favorite wheel and tire cleaner.
  • excellent cleaning ability
  • great value for the money
  • no harsh effects noted