Compounds - Heavy Abrasive Cut

Compounds - Heavy Abrasive CutMachine polishing your paint with a Heavy Cut Polish or Compound is the first step in achieving a show car shine if you are removing serious paint defects. Heavy Cut Polishes, also known as Compounds, are designed to remove surface material quickly. Using a Compound is beneficial if your paint is dull from sanding, is littered with acid rain damage, has deep scratches or is severely oxidized. Because of their fast polishing nature, Heavy Cut Polishes & Compounds can leave behind light polishing scratches, which often require one or two subsequent steps of polishing with a light polish.

Technology has constantly improved the performance of Heavy Cut Polishes & Compounds. A lot has changed since detailers mixed corn starch with water to restore the shine of their lacquer paints. The newest Heavy Cut Polishes & Compounds are engineered in a laboratory and perfected by polishing experts around the world. Unlike the old gritty textured compounds of the past, the newest Heavy Polishes & Compounds feel like lotion. The engineered micro abrasives remove serious paint defects without excessive scratching, reducing the steps needed for a swirl-free shine and saving valuable paint.

Use Heavy Cut Polishes & Compounds with caution. Autopia Car Care recommends machine polishing your paint with the least aggressive polish or compound needed to remove the paint defect. Heavy Cut Polishes & Compounds are the most aggressive category of polishing liquids and are general reserved for the following actions:

  • Restoring gloss after damp/wet sanding
  • Removing acid rain damage and etchings
  • Elimination of deeper scratches
  • Complete removal of heavy oxidation

Your vehicle's paint can vary greatly depending on the year, make, model and color. This is why Autopia Car Care carries a wide variety of Heavy Cut Polishes & Compounds imported from around the world. Menzerna GmbH of Germany is a world recognized leader in paint polishing technology and works with prestigious car factories around the world while helping to develop the potent line of Wolfgang Concours 3.0 polishes. Meguiar's combines cutting edge technology with America know how to create some of the best Heavy Cut Polishes & Compounds on the market.
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Remove Scratches, Acid Rain, Severe Swirl and Other Defects!
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Premium paint restoration car polish.
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