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Mirka Mirlon Total Scuff Pads

Mirka Mirlon Total Scuff PadsMirlon Total Scuff Pads are designed for wet or dry scuffing applications. These unique fiber pads feature Mirka’s innovative Total Coating Technology that is capable of creating a denser scratch pattern faster than even the original Mirlon Scuff pads can. Mirlon Total Scuff Pads are strong, flexible, and built to last whether used wet or dry.

Mirlon Total Scuff Pads are ideal for removing overspray in blending areas, for feathering out, for simple spot repairs, and on hard-to-reach areas like corners and profiles prior to painting. The non-woven backing is easy to maintain a grip on making extending sessions more comfortable. Mirlon Total Scuff Pads are safe for use on paint, lacquer finishes, plastics, stainless steel, aluminum, and more.

Mirlon Total Scuff Pads are available in three compositions:

Very Fine, 360 Grit
MIRKA Mirlon 360 Grit Very Fine Scuff Pads are designed for primary sanding functions including on new parts, old paint layers, and prior to primer application.

Ultra Fine, 1500 Grit
MIRKA Mirlon 1500 Grit Very Fine Scuff Pads are ideal for panel blending and increasing mechanical adhesion.

Micro Fine, 2500 Grit
MIRKA Mirlon 2500 Grit Micro Fine Scuff Pads are perfect for overspray, dirt nib, and lint fiber removal.

Mirlon Total Scuff Pads are flexible enough for use in many hard to reach areas like door jambs, hinges, deck lids, moldings, mirrors, bumper covers, and more! Increase your efficiency with Mirlon Total Scuff Pads.