Lake Country ThinPro Foam Pad System

Lake Country ThinPro Foam Pad SystemLake Country ThinPro Foam Pads are light weight foam pads designed to help you polish your vehicle more effectively and more efficiently. Countless hours of research and development by the Lake Country team have yielded a revolutionary line of ultra-thin pads that offer more control and decreased pad stall when used with a dual action polisher. Each Lake Country ThinPro Foam Pad features the durable and dependable foam that Lake Country is known for and they’re available in 5 compositions to meet your polishing and compounding needs.

If you’ve made the transition to a long throw polisher like the Rupes LHR15, Rupes 21ES, Griots Garage BOSS G15, or Griots Garage BOSS G21, than you are well aware of the challenges that such a powerful machine can face. While those powerful machines make short work of your detailing project, they can also be rather tough on pads! That’s where Lake Country ThinPro Foam Pads shine. These pads are built to last, even in long throw conditions!

Lake Country ThinPro Foam Pads are composed of extremely durable dense hybrid foam that not only stands up to the long throw test, but also provides better cut and finishing than standard foam pads. Since the pads are dense in composition, your polishes, compounds, and waxes will sit on the face of the pad where they belong instead of being sucked into the foam which eliminates waste and reduces heat buildup. Super-strong adhesives ensure that the hook and loop backing material stays in place, even after extended long-throw polishing sessions. Lake Country ThinPro Foam Pads are built to outlast and outperform conventional foam pads on your long throw polisher.

Lake Country ThinPro Foam Pads are available in the following compositions:
”ThinPro ThinPro Gray Extreme Cutting Pad
The Gray Extreme Cutting Pad is ideal for heavy compounding. The open-cell design helps to dissipate heat so the pad stays firm while polishing.
ThinPro Orange Heavy Cutting Pad ThinPro Orange Heavy Cutting Pad
The ThinPro Orange Heavy Cutting Pad offers significant cut, while finishing smother than many other cutting pads can. This heavy-cut, smooth-finishing pad leaves the surface wax-ready in some cases!
5.5 Inch ThinPro White Polishing Pad (Single) ThinPro White Polishing Pad
The ThinPro White Polishing Pad is ideal for polishing away light imperfections with your favorite polish or cleaner wax. The dense foam composition helps eliminate waste by keeping the product on the face of the pad during the polishing process.
ThinPro Black Finishing Pad ThinPro Black Finishing Pad
The ThinPro Black Finishing Pad offers no mechanical cutting ability. Its dense foam composition helps you make smooth and controlled passes with your favorite polish, wax, sealant, or glaze.
”ThinPro ThinPro Red Waxing Pad
The ThinPro Red Waxing Pad is soft and gentle, making it ideal for applying your favorite wax or sealant. Even though it’s soft, it still maintains the firmness needed to keep liquids on the face of the pad to prevent waste.

Available in 5.5 inch and 6.5 inch sizes.