Vinyl - Plastic - Rubber

Vinyl - Plastic - RubberDon't let your vehicle's interior suffer! With age and UV exposure, vinyl and rubber can fade and become brittle. Vinyl and rubber surfaces inside your vehicle need regular cleaning and protection to keep them in their factory-new condition. For the best results, use a low-gloss vinyl and rubber protectant on the dash, door panels, and interior trim. Low-gloss vinyl and rubber dressings will not attract dust or feel sticky to the touch. They'll restore the like-new sheen and texture with a transparent coating of protection. Your cockpit will look and feel like new!
Coverage: 200300 square feet
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Clean Carpet, Upholstery, Vinyl and Even Leather!
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Keeps your interior looking fresh and clean! Two sizes available...
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Fight UV rays! Protect your car's vinyl, plastic and rubber
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Cleans and removes every sign of winter from your interior.
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Long lasting interior conditioning & protection.
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Complete long lasting interior enhancement and protection.
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