GYEON Q2M Interior Detailer - 500 ml.

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Clean with Q2 quickness

GYEON Q2M Interior Detailer is the perfect maintenance product for all of your interior surfaces. Featuring an alcohol base of 60%, which can be used to remove most organic contaminants, GYEON Q2M Interior Detailer leaves the treated surface truly clean of dirt, dust, fingerprints, oils, and other contaminants. Use GYEON Q2M Interior Detailer on leather, plastic, Alcantara, textiles, glass, and all other types of interior trim for a freshly detailed, matte finish.

Alcohol-based for intense cleaning action!
GYEON Q2M Interior Detailer, designed during the Covid pandemic, is particularly useful in any detail supply. Formulated using 60% alcohol, GYEON Q2M Interior Detailer removes the majority of organic contamination from surfaces – including skin cells, oils, and bacterias.

Safe for use on virtually all interior surfaces!
Use GYEON Q2M Interior Detailer on virtually all interior surfaces – including glass, plastic, leather, interior trim surfaces, and even Alcantara – and will remove common contaminants quickly and easily! GYEON Q2M Interior Detailer will not replace GYEON Q2M Vinyl Cleaner or GYEON Q2M Leather Cleaner, but instead compliments them and makes the perfect addition to your interior detailing steps!


Simply spray GYEON Q2M Interior Detailer directly onto a microfiber towel and wipe onto the surface. Flip to a new side of your microfiber towel and buff away. Use GYEON Q2M Interior Detailer as many times as you'd like to keep your interior surfaces clean, and freshly detailed!

500 ml.

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