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Get germ free with Wolfgang Interior Shampoo!

Wolfgang Interior Shampoo was developed to keep your vehicle clean and safe in a world full of harmful germs and contamination. Without the use of any harsh or harmful cleaners, the antibacterial formulation of Wolfgang Interior Shampoo will sanitize even the most neglected interior surfaces and restore that fresh smell that's been hidden by odor causing bacteria.

Antibacterial! Sterilizes your interior surfaces and removes odor causing bacteria
Contaminations aren't only harmful to your vehicle; they can be harmful to you too! Germs can fester and wait in the most obscure places in your vehicle, waiting to make contact. With Wolfgang Interior Shampoo, you can be at ease knowing that the antibacterial formulation thoroughly cleaned any potential human contamination!

Cleans! Wolfgang Interior Shampoo removes more than just germs
Wolfgang Interior Shampoo cleans germs, but it also removes physical contamination such as dirt, grime, oils, and more from virtually every interior surface! Clean vinyl, plastic, fabrics, headliners, and even leather with Wolfgang Interior Shampoo tough, yet gentle formula.

No Harsh Chemicals! Wolfgang Interior Shampoo cleans and disinfects safely
Wolfgang Interior Shampoo may be harsh on germs and contamination, but it's safe for everyone else! The unique formulation of Wolfgang Interior Shampoo is based on antibacterial cleaners, not harsh chemicals. Wipe down all your interior surfaces and leave your mind at ease with Wolfgang Interior Shampoo!


*If using on fabric, be sure to first test an inconspicuous area for colorfastness*

  • Spray Wolfgang Interior Shampoo directly onto the surface to be cleaned.
  • Gently agitate the surface using an interior brush or microfiber towel.
  • Once contamination is removed, simply wipe away, no need to rinse!

16 oz.

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