Polish and Wax Applicators

Polish and Wax ApplicatorsWe carry a variety of wax applicators for every type of wax, sealant and coating. Making things truly clean and shiny is easy when you have the wax applicators. After many years in the auto care industry, we have gathered the finest wax applicators that we have found. Each wax applicator will make your life easier, make the job go faster, and produce better results than you can accomplish with your own bare hands. For every detailing job there are a variety of wax applicators, brushes, or tools to choose from. Get the wax applicator that is right for the job, for you, and for your for vehicle.

Choose your car detailing accessories carefully. The best accessories make detailing easier and deliver optimum results. Poor choices in detailing accessories create more work and are less likely to deliver the results you (or your clients) expect.
Great Microfiber Detailing Applicator for Car Wax or Polish!
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Foam Wax Applicator for Easy Hand Waxing!
9 Reviews
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