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An easy-to-use hand polisher. Oh, and did we mention itís pain free?

The SONAX P-Ball is designed for comfort, accuracy, and efficiency. When using the SONAX P-Ball, you never have to worry about your hand cramping up during the most important part of your detailing process. If you have a spot that is too small or awkward for your polisher to reach, have no fear! The SONAX P-Ball is compact and maneuverable so you can easily reach those allusive spots.

The repetitive motions needed to skillfully hand polish your car can leave even the most experienced detailerís arm tired. The SONAX P-Ball reduces the pressure on your wrist and hand, so all you need to focus on is polishing your paint to perfection. The Polyurethane handle and comfortable shape of the SONAX P-Ball will fit your hand easily and allow you to move freely and efficiently.

A white polishing pad is attached to the SONAX P-Ball via hook and loop to ensure a perfect polish job every time. The pad is designed to use your favorite polish or wax without damaging your paint. After your job is complete, the pad can be easily removed from the holder and washed. Thatís it! Youíre done! See, I told you your hands wouldnít hurt!


  1. Slightly wet the pad with water.
  2. Apply a few drops of polish to the pad.
  3. Using slight pressure, spread the polish over the paintwork surface.
  4. Once youíve finished, simply remove the pad and wash in warm water.

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