Cobra Ceramic Coating Applicator Towel

Item Description:

Dual sided microfiber allows you to coat and buff with a single towel

Unique barrier layer to prevent coating from soaking through

Can be combined with coating applicator blocks to increased comfort

Can be used with all types of coatings and sealants

A new way to coat your car!

The Cobra Ceramic Coating Applicator Towel provides you with a new way to coat you ride. If you prefer the classic application process of waxes and sealants but still want the powerful protection level that coatings provide, then this may help. The Cobra Ceramic Coating Applicator Towel uses a Saver Sheet, a barrier layer technology, to give you the ability fold the towel for more fresh application faces and the help reduce product waste. This barrier allows you to use one side for coating application and the other for buffing off any excess. With the Saver Sheet in place, you won’t have to worry about coatings soaking through the towel, keeping your secondary side ready for removal. While the Cobra Ceramic Coating Applicator Towel performs best with spray coatings, it can work with any coating type, and even sealants!

The Cobra Ceramic Coating Applicator Towel has color coded sides for you to easily identify which side id your dedicated coating side. This, combined with its compact size make it the ideal choice for anyone looking for an alternative for coating application.

8" x 8"

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