Meguiars Car Care Products

Meguiars Car Care Products If you’ve ever washed, waxed, or polished a car, you’ve probably heard of Meguiars! That’s because Meguiars is a worldwide leader in the car care industry offering the best car wax and car care products to detailers of all skill levels. With highly recognizable branches of operation that appeal to nearly every car owner, Meguiars is the first choice for many detailers. Offering a wide range of products from Meguiars Gold Class Car Wax, Meguiars Ultimate Car Care Wax, Meguiars Professional Car Care products, Meguiars Show Car Glaze, and more, Meguiars has become a permanent part of the history of car care.

Since 1901, Meguiars has pioneered the surface care industry. Before cars became available to the masses, Meguiars manufactured furniture polish. Since early automobiles were made of wood, Meguairs made the simple transition to car care products, and has been innovating ever since! What began as a garage-based furniture polish company, where each bottle was mixed using an eggbeater, has grown into a brand recognized worldwide with millions of loyal followers.

Meguiars car care provides specialized surface care products for nearly all modes of transportation. From cars, trucks, and SUVs, to boats, RVs and beyond, Meguiars offers a huge selection of products. To make choosing the appropriate products for our needs easier, Meguiars has created seven categories:

Meguiars Car Care Products: This category includes the Mirror Glaze and Gold Class lines, which have garnered a very loyal following of both professional detailers and beginners alike. These lines include a range of Meguiars traditional car washes, car waxes, glazes, polishes, and compounds.

Meguiars NXT Generation: As the name implies this is considered the “next generation” of car care products, featuring synthetic polymer-based formulas designed for use on modern clear coat systems. Each product is designed to be easy-to-use and provide long-lasting results.

Meguiars Ultimate Products: These products are designed to help achieve absolute perfection in car care. Offering maximum shine and protection levels, Meguiars Ultimate products provide the best results. This line includes everything from polymer sealants to vinyl and rubber protectant.

Meguiars DA Microfiber Correction System: This innovative line features a two-step correction process designed to eliminate unsightly swirls and leave a smooth flaw-free surface behind. The Meguiars DA Microfiber Correction System features DA Microfiber correction Compound, DA Microfiber Finishing Wax, and several sized of microfiber pads to suit any correction project.

Meguiars Detailing Tools: The wide range of Meguiars detailing tools allows you to properly apply and remove your favorite Meguiars car wax, compound, or polish. This section features Meguiars branded towels, applicators, brushed, sponges, and pads all designed to get the job done right.

Meguiars Professional Detailer Products: This line was created with the professional detailer in mind. All of these products are body-shop safe and are packaged in gallon-sized containers for convenience.

Meguiars Boat Maintenance Products: The Meguiars Marine line is designed to care for the unique surfaces found on your boat and RV. These products are designed with the same care and innovative formulas that make Meguiars Car Care products so appealing, with all the added power necessary to shine and protect your boat or RV.

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