Meguiars Detailer D170 Hyper Dressing Bundle

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Quite possible the only dressing you will ever need Meguiars Detailer D170 Hyper Dressing is a multi-surface, protective dressing that alters its shine based on how you dilute it! This great-smelling, water-based protectant has the ability to create an extremely high-gloss, wet shine all the way down to a natural looking, rich finish. With Hyper Dressing, you chose the look you want and let Meguiars handle the rest! Not only can you dilute Meguiars Hyper Dressing to change the look, you can use it virtually anywhere that would benefit from a dressing. Meguiars Hyper Dressing is the perfect compliment to freshly detailed engines, tires, wheel compartments, and interior as well as exterior trim. Simply spray on, wipe off the excess and enjoy the look you want! Choose from four possible finishes with Meguiars Hyper Dressing:
  • High Gloss 1:1
  • Medium Gloss 2:1
  • Satin Finish 3:1
  • Natural Finish 4:1
This Bundle Includes:
1 Qty - Meguiars D170 Hyper Dressing 128 oz.
1 Qty - 32 oz. Hyper Dressing with Sprayer
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