SONAX Paint Polishing Pads

SONAX Paint Polishing PadsSONAX Car Care is well known for their unique easy to use and efective car care products. Some of their most popular products include the legendary SONAX Wheel Clenaer Full Effect as well as the unique SONAX Polymer Net Shield which has a huge following! SONAX has now applied their engineering prowess to foam pads as well with the SONAX Paint Polishing Foam Pads. SONAX Paint Polishing Foam Pads have been designed to work in harmony with their line-up of paint compounds and polishes and are the perfect addition to your foam pad arsenal.

SONAX Paint Polishing Foam Pads come in a multitude of varying foam aggressions in order to give you the best tool to take care of the task at hand. From heavy cutting to a final polish, SONAX Paint Polishing Foam Pads have the ability to get the job done. Manufactured using a finely pored foam and a strong hook & loop backing, SONAX Foam Pads will stand the test of polishing time!