Waterless and Rinseless Wash

Waterless and Rinseless Wash  The safest, simplest way to wash your car without a water hose is with a waterless washes or rinseless washes. Waterless and rinseless washes are both excellent options for people living in apartments or condos, in water-restricted areas, or they can be used during the winter months, when washing the car outside isn’t ideal. Our waterless car wash and rinseless car wash products make it easy and quick to maintain a clean vehicle even when you can’t wash it.

Waterless Car Wash
A waterless car wash is where you use a high lubricity pre-mixed spray detailer to heavily saturate a panel and then carefully wipe any dirt or road grime off to a dry shine. The key to working safely with a waterless car wash is to use plenty of clean, microfiber polishing towels and after using all 8 sides of a microfiber towel, quit using the microfiber towel and switch to a new, clean microfiber polishing towel so you don't simply transfer dirt removed from one panel to another panel.

Rinseless Car Wash
A rinseless car wash is kind of a cross between a normal car wash and a waterless car wash. Like a normal car wash, you’re still going to use water, but only a couple of gallons. Like a waterless wash, instead of rinsing your wash solution off, you’ll work panel by panel and wipe each panel to a dry shine using microfiber drying towels like the Water Guzzler. With a Rinseless Wash, you’ll use dramatically less water but still be flushing the panel with plenty of high lubricity wash solution to leave behind a scratch-free finish.
Check out our selection of wash buckets & nozzles to fit your needs!
Pamper your car with quality microfiber towels!
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Removes insects on your paint, gently cleans vinyl and details your engine!
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Economical and Environmentally Friendly!
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NO Hose! NO Bucket! NO Water! NO Mess!
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