Cobra Gun Metal Elite Microfiber Towel with Absorbent Banding - 3 Pack

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Cobra Gun Metal Elite Microfiber Towels with Absorbent Banding are designed to effectively buff away polishes, compounds, sealants, and waxes—both paste and liquid—without causing swirl marks or leaving lint behind! Featuring a super soft 75/25 blend of polyester and polyamide these towels offer the softness necessary for safe use coupled with the tight weave necessary for removal of stubborn waxes and compounds. Cobra Gun Metal Elite Microfiber Towels offer the perfect solution for product removal or for application of quick detail sprays and spray waxes! Though it's not something to be proud of, just about every detailer has a tale of perfectly detailed paint ruined by a faulty microfiber towel during wipe down. Whether it was a cheaply made big-box store bargain, the towel you just used to wipe your wheels, or that old beach towel you thought would be soft enough, there's always a story—but there doesn't have to be any more! Cobra Gun Metal Elite Microfiber Towels are soft enough to prevent marring and swirls, and they're also available in 3 colors to prevent costly cross contamination! Cobra Gun Metal Elite Microfiber Towels feature super soft, luxurious microfiber along with a soft, absorbent edge band. This silky-smooth edging helps promote even distribution of quick detailers and spray waxes without unsightly streaking. These lint-free microfiber towels are durable too. With the proper care, they'll provide perfect results detail after detail. Just wash them with your other microfiber towels using a dedicated microfiber cleaner and your Cobra Gun Metal Elite Microfiber Towels will stay soft and supple! 16 x 16 inches
3 Pack
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