Pinnacle Black Label Collection

Pinnacle Black Label CollectionPinnacle Black Label's technologically advanced, precisely-crafted, formulas represent a new standard in cosmetic automobile care. When Ralph Lauren's 1930 Mercedes Benz “Count Trossi” SSK Roadster rolled into the winner's circle during the 1993 Pebble Beach Concours De Elegance, the detailing and show car world took notice. Coated in several layers of Pinnacle Souveran Ivory Carnauba Wax, Ralph Lauren's prized automobile stood out amongst the world's finest with rich, three-dimensional reflections and a show-stopping finish. The now legendary Pinnacle shine shown brightly that foggy morning and a tradition was born.

Pinnacle Black Label carries on the proud Pinnacle tradition by offering a range of premium car care products that offer world-class performance. Pinnacle Black Label raises the expectations of what you can expect in a car care product and makes it acceptable for you to expect something better. A show car shine, or glove-soft leather, used to mean a compromise in protection and durability. Pinnacle's team of chemists and engineers went to work develop a line of products which that refuse to compromise so you don't have to either.

The core of the Pinnacle Black Label collection is a new type of “wax” that has been formulated with nano-scale glass particles that crystalize when applied to the surface. This crystalized surface forms a semi-permanent, gem-like shell that reflects light with unmatched brilliance, while forming a near-diamond hard barrier that shields against ultraviolet radiation, airborne pollutants, road debris and even towel scratches. This nano-glass membrane provides relentless water beading – for up to three years. Pinnacle Diamond Coatings are available for paint, glass, and wheels.

Black Label Diamond Paint Sealant creates stunning reflections!
1966 Stingray sealed with Black Label Diamond Paint Sealant.

It's okay to demand more from your car care products. Pinnacle Black Label's range of coatings, sealants, and leather care formulas utilize the latest in technology while remaining true to the tradition of being engineered and manufactured in the USA. Pinnacle Black Label carries on a tradition that demands excellence.
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