Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Coating Booster

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Fortifies and rejuvenates the performance of all coatings!

Easy-to-apply maintenance spray for coated surfaces

Works with resin, ceramic and nano-glass (quartz) coatings

Increases shine and restores protection

Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Coating Booster utilizes thousands of nanoscopic self-crystallizing nano-ceramic glass particles - in each mist!- to revitalize the performance of any coated surface! Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Coating Booster restores the original water beading, gloss, protection and shine to coated paints, wheels, and glass. This easy-to-use spray-and-wipe formula is beneficial for all coating types including ceramic-based, quartz-based and resin finishes.

Your coating of choice becomes the new functional surface of the material. Your coating is left to do battle with the elements, including abrasion, UV radiation, chemicals, air borne pollutants, exhaust fumes, road oil and more. Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Coating Booster uses the same protective ingredients found in Black Labelís range of surface coatings to restore the original performance of your coated finish.

Black Label Diamond Coating Booster extends the life of all coatingsWhile it is true that surface coatings provide a huge increase in protection and gloss over other styles of products, namely car waxes and paint sealants, they are still subject to wear and tear. Over time they develop microscopic pits, pores and weak spots. By applying Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Coating Booster to the surface, you fill in and re-level the coating layer, extending and enhancing the protection. Even when applied to permanent resin-based coatings, Black Label Diamond Coating Booster will increase the shine and improve upon the water beading characteristics.

Black Labelís range of all-surface, paint, glass and wheel coatings provide extremely long-lasting good looks and exceptional surface protection. Occasionally treating your coated surfaces with Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Coating Booster will greatly extend the protection and increase the shine. Shine strong by fortifying your coated surfaces with Black Label Diamond Coating Booster.

  1. Shake well.
  2. Ensure surface is clean and cool the touch.
  3. Spray product directly onto surface and evenly distribute using a Gold Wax Finger Pocket or Lake Country Coating Applicator.
  4. Work product into surface until it disappears.
  5. Buff off excess residue with a Gold Plush Microfiber Towel.
8 oz.
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By Bryan
Flower mound, TX
Works great
February 13, 2018
I had a sample come in and used it on my car. Brought the intense beading right back!
  • I got a free sample. No streaking easy to use.
  • This whole line is a little bit pricey but it works..
By Jason
springfield, VA
good stuff
October 10, 2017
I like this for extending/rejuvenating my PBL wheel coating that is on my wheels. I usually apply it once or twice during the summer or winter.
By rlmccarty2000
Fitzgerald, GA
Beats CarPro Reload
August 1, 2016
After months of searching for a topper to my multiple coatings and big time failure of Reload I decided to give PBL Booster a try. I didn't want to expect much after being let down by Reload, but this one works. It restores the coatings beading properties and doesn't streak! I have found my replacement.
  • It works
  • Doesn't streak
  • Cost
  • Cost
  • And Cost
By Michael
Lawndale, CA
Great to maintain Pinnacle Black Label Paint Coating
March 8, 2016
This works well as a maintenance product for the Black Label Paint Coating. Boosts the shine and slickness from the base layer paint coating.
  • Easy to use, Boosts shine, Boosts slickness
  • None
By John
Fredericksburg, VA
Very Pleased!
November 17, 2015
Finally got 2 decent days of dry weather for me to apply both the Pinnacle V2 Diamond Paint Coating and the Diamond Coating Booster before the Winter. Very pleased with the Booster results which visibly adds and enhances the V2 effects. You can see the added protection of the Booster and really like that I can keep layering it to improve on the basic V2 Paint Coating. Ready for Winter!
  • None
By Bob
Shoreview, Minnesota
Hard candy shell for light colors
September 8, 2014
I received this product shortly after it's release, mid-winter here in Minnesota. It arrived in liquid form. PBMG staff assured me that there were no freezing issues with this product. Upon arrival I put it through it's paces at the nearest DIY wash. It was just above freezing and foggy in the wash bay due to the high humidity.

The product went on very well when sprayed on a foam applicator and wiped on. The product seemed to flash too quickly when sprayed directly on the paint and left some high spots that were difficult to remove. After figuring out the proper method, application was easy, even in very adverse conditions. The finish it left on my silver cars was like a sealant on steroids, very very glossy.

I tried it later that week on a non-metallic black vehicle and the look wasn't as good as on the lighter colors. The sprayer also clogged a bit with product which affected the spray pattern until I wiped the nozzle clean. It also left some dusting when wiping off which was visible on the black paint. It was easily removed, but required an extra trip around the vehicle.

I would definitely use this product to enhance lighter colored vehicles, but would pass on black based on my experience.
  • Great on light colors
  • can be used in cold and humid conditions
  • no issues with freezing
  • flashes fast
  • slight learning curve
  • slight dusting visible on dark colors