Car Polishers and Pads

Car Polishers and Pads

To provide the best care for your vehicle, you need a car polisher. A polisher will provide the speed and consistent motion necessary to effectively remove swirls and restore the shine to automotive paint. There are two main categories of car polishers: dual action or orbital polishers and rotary buffers. Which type you choose depends on how you'll use the machine.

Our polishers are sold individually or packaged with buffing pads and accessories. Choose from brands like Porter Cable, Makita, FLEX, Meguiars, Rupes and Griot's Garage. Pads are manufactured by Buff & Shine, Lake Country, Griot's Garage, and Meguiars.

Dual Action Vs. Rotary Polishers

Dual Action Polishers - Dual action or DA polishers utilize an orbital motion similar to the earth’s rotation to correct paint. By rotating and oscillating simultaneously the pad is continually moving off center to prevent heat buildup. This makes it extremely unlikely to burn through the paint or cause irreparable damage.

Rotary Polishers – Rotary or circular polishers pack much more power in comparison to dual action machines. Rotary only rotate in a circular motion on a single axis. This motion provides the user with incredible correction power. Rotary polishers can easily tackle heavy oxidation, scratches, swirl marks, and even wet sanding marks. These machines are usually reserved for experienced or professional users. Due to the amount of power focused in on a single point, rotary machines create a lot of heat making it much easier to burn through paint!

Regardless of which style of polisher you pick, there's no faster or easier way to remove swirls, repair scratches, or restore paint than with a car polisher. Get yours here at Autopia Car Care!