Griots Garage G13 Mini Long-Throw Orbital

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More Mini for More Correction!

Need more from your mini? Meet the Griot's G13, the mini polisher packed with more of what you need! The Griot's G13 Long-Throw Orbital Polisher is built on a small frame to help reach tight, hard-to-reach body panels that would otherwise be left with imperfections. Inside this compact frame is a powerful 7000-watt, 5.5-amp motor designed to deliver a massive amount of power to the pad face. For the Griot's G13 Long-Throw Orbital Polisher to maximize the correction capabilities of that power, it needed a much bigger throw than traditional 3-inch polishers. The Griot's G13 Long-Throw Orbital Polisher features an impressive 13mm throw for superior correction power in compact package. The Griot's G13 Long-Throw Orbital Polisher features constant speed control to remain consistent in the set speed range and a variable trigger throttle switch for complete control. You'll also find many of the features of the larger Griot's Garage polishers packed in, such as the quick connect power cord and the quick access brush port for easy maintenance!

LONG-THROW! Massive 13mm throw corrects paint faster than other 3-inch polishers!
How could you get more correction power out of a small machine? You increase the polish throw to maximize the power you get from the motor. And that's exactly what Griot's did. The Griot's G13 Long-Throw Orbital Polisher harnesses all the power of its 700-watt motor and feeds it into an impressive 13mm throw. Not only does this increase the correction capabilities of the machine, but it also provides a smooth and comfortable experience while doing so!

ULTIMATE CONTROL! Constant Speed control and variable trigger put the power in your hands!
Obviously, you may not always need the full correction power of the Griot's G13 Long-Throw Orbital Polisher, so Griot's added a few extra features to ensure the power stays under your control. The constant speed control maintains consistent speed for the range the dial is set at. This, in combination with the variable trigger throttle allows you to fine tune the exact speed needed for each and every detail.

POWERFUL! Massive 700-watt motor for peak performance on every panel!
Griot's wasn't going to leave an inch of space inside the Griot's G13 Long-Throw Orbital Polisher. Packed inside its small frame is a powerful 700-watt, 5.5-amp motor. With this much power, you'll be able to easily remove defects from every tight, hard-to-reach panel on your vehicle. This allows you to perform the same correction procedure across the entire vehicle. And it will also ensure that this process won't take longer for the smaller areas!

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