Buff and Shine Buffing Accessories

Buff and Shine Buffing Pads and AccessoriesBuff and Shine has been a leading manufacturer of car buffing and polishing pads, backing plates, wax applicator pads, and other high-quality car detailing accessories since 1987. Over the course of more than twenty years, Buff and Shine has adapted to meet the changing needs of today’s detailers without skimping on quality or consistency. This continued dedication to the craft has solidified Buff and Shine’s place as a leader in the industry of buffing pad manufacturing, importing, and exporting.

Buff and Shine brand buffing pads and accessories are designed to outperform the competition. Strict quality control guidelines and years of research and development ensure quality, consistency, and exceptional durability with each buffing ad or buffing accessory. With Buff and Shine buffing pads and accessories, you can get the job done right!

At Autopia Car Care, we offer a vast selection of Buff and Shine Buffing pads that range in size from 4 to 6.5 inches. In addition to Buff and Shine foam pads, we also offer Buff and Shine microfiber cutting pads, Buff and Shine microfiber finishing pads, corresponding backing plates for each size range of pads, and other Buff and Shine products and accessories.

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