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Klasse is a synthetic wax (sealant) and the original two-step paint care system. The first formulation was released in 1969. It was a breakthrough admixing polyethylene carnauba wax replacement system.  No traditional car wax or paint sealant cleans, polishes and protects like Klasse.

Klasse is not a carnauba wax or a polymer protectant.  It's an ACRYLIC resin formula that applies like a traditional car wax, but lasts much longer.  Klasse is anti-static, non-abrasive and contains no ingredients harmful to paint, metal, plastic or glass.

Klasse matches the richness, depth and "wet-look shine" of high quality carnauba waxes, but does so much more.  It creates an elastic, non-chip, shrink-proof, heat and scratch resistant seal against ultraviolet rays, salt water, acid rain and industrial pollutants that lasts for months.

Klasse car wax is a two-part system. The foundation of the system is Klasse All-In-One, which is a true one-step "cleaner/wax" product. All-In-One easily wipes away existing wax, road films, light oxidation and visually reduces minor swirls.  The polish in All-In-One creates a smooth surface that noticeably improves surface gloss, yet it does not remove paint or clear coat finish.  The acrylic sealant in All-In-One provides a mirror-like barrier that lasts for months.

Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glaze is an optional step, but, oh, what an option!  This pure acrylic sealant can be applied in layers on top of Klasse All-In-One to increase surface gloss and extend protection. You can apply as many coats of Klasse High Gloss Sealant as you like.  A dozen or more coats on a show car is not unusual.  Two or three coats is usually enough to achieve maximum results.  With each coat you will see more depth and shine.

Through the years, Klasse has evolved with many improvements. The first major change came in 1986, when Klasse was modified from its original formula to use the latest polyethylene-acry compound technology. Between 1991 and 1996, the chemists made incremental improvements to improve durability by more than 30% and U.V. protection by 100%.

Cleans, polishes & protects in one easy step!
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Protect paint with synthetic wax against water and road salts.
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