Griots Garage BOSS Best of Show System

Griots Garage BOSS Best of Show SystemItís finally here Ė the alternative to puny small-throw dual action polishers and super-aggressive paint-burning rotarys! The Griots Garage Best of Show System (BOSS) provides a safe and effective way to achieve unparalleled results during paint correction. With the BOSS G15 and G21 Long Throw Random Orbital Polishers at the cornerstone of the lineup, the BOSS will take your paint polishing routine to new heights! Color-coded creams and pads make polishing with the BOSS virtually foolproof, and itís all from one of the most trusted names in car care, Griots Garage!

While the throw of a conventional dual action polisher is only in the 4 Ė 8 millimeter range, the Griots Garage BOSS G15 a throw of 15 millimeters, and the Griots Garage BOSS G21 boasts a whopping 21 millimeters, multiplying the output of even the largest conventional polishers. This means that youíll cover more surface area with each pass of the polisher, so you can achieve amazing results in a fraction of the time!

The Griots Garage BOSS Long Throw Random Orbital Polishers are designed for maximum user comfort and the precision balanced body is easy to control so that you can more efficiently complete any detailing job. A 900 watt motor spins your favorite polishing pads at up to 5000 oscillations per minute, providing the serious correction power that you need. Griots BOSS polishers can be used with 5 inch or 6 inch pads in the BOSS system for ideal buffing in any situation.

Use your BOSS polisher with one of four specially formulated BOSS Correcting and Perfecting Creams, and your choice of five corresponding BOSS Foam and Micro Fiber pads to achieve stunning results in a fraction of the time. The BOSS provides consistent, professional-grade results every time taking the guesswork out of your detailing routine. Designed for use by detailers ranging from novice to professional, the BOSS lineup helps you have fun in your garage!