Griots Garage BOSS G21 Long Throw Random Orbital Polisher

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The Griots Garage BOSS G21 Long Throw Random Orbital Polisher has the power and long throw necessary to tackle paint correction projects like never before. Years of research and development at Griots Garage headquarters have yielded a powerful machine with the capability to correct defects faster and with less effort than you ever thought possible. The Griots Garage BOSS G21 Long Throw Random Orbital Polisher features a massive 21 millimeter stroke that covers more ground than a standard polisher can.

The Griots Garage BOSS G21 Long Throw Random Orbital Polisher, along with the smaller Griots Garage BOSS G15 Long Throw Random Orbital Polisher, form the cornerstone of the Griots Garage Best of Show System (BOSS) product range and for good reason. While the throw of a conventional dual action polisher is only in the 4 ’ 8 millimeter range, the Griots Garage BOSS G21 Long Throw Random Orbital Polisher produces a throw of a whopping 21 millimeters, more than doubling the output of even the largest conventional polishers. This means that you’ll cover more surface area with each pass of the polisher, so you can achieve amazing results in a fraction of the time!

The Griots Garage BOSS G21 Long Throw Random Orbital Polisher features the random orbital motion and large throw necessary for perfect results. Unlike rotary buffers, the BOSS G21 will not cause swirls or holograms during buffing, so your results will always be flawless. That’s right ’ no holograms or burn through like a rotary can cause, but still plenty of swirl-busting power for immaculate results!

The Griots Garage BOSS G21 Long Throw Random Orbital Polisher isn’t all power, either. It’s designed for maximum user comfort as well. From the ergonomic, rubber-coated platypus-style grip at the head of the polisher, down to the rubber coated pistol-grip handle with fatigue-fighting trigger lock, this polisher was designed for comfort during extended buffing sessions. The precision balanced body is easy to control so that you can more efficiently complete any detailing job.

Along with comfort and performance, the Griots G21 is packed with power and versatility! The 900 watt motor spins your favorite polishing pads at up to 5000 oscillations per minute, providing the serious correction power that you need. To ensure the best, most consistent connection to the power source, each Griots G21 utilizes a heavy duty 16 gauge rubber cord. The Griots BOSS G21 can be used with 5 inch or 6 inch pads in the BOSS system for ideal buffing in any situation.

  • 21 millimeter orbit
  • 900 watt motor
  • 5000 OPM max
  • 13 foot heavy duty 16 gauge rubber cord
  • Quick access brush ports (includes replacement carbon brushes)
  • Rubberized grips at head and trigger
  • Includes stainless steel spacer for ’washer mod’
  • Includes silicone lubricant to extend life of shroud
  • Outfitted with 6" backing plate system

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Kirtland, OH
If you believe this is a Chinese Rupes knockoff, think again.
November 21, 2018
I know I struggled last year the whole Rupes v BOSS choice and even after reading everything I could find on the subject ya just never know until you yourself actually drive `em both. When at Barret-Jackson in Scottsdale last January, I got to play with a G21 in the Griots tent for a bit and it was enough to pique my curiosity enough to look into grabbing a G21 at some point.

Normally when time is of the essence and some compounding needs to be done, the Flex 3401, M101 on gray LC Force pads takes care of things like an old beat up van in a relatively expedient manner, although I`ve also used Rupes 15 Mk2 with billet backing plate on these types of vehicles as well. The G21 with 6.5" BOSS Microfiber pads and Megs D300 ate this thing up even quicker than the Flex and far less taxing; 4 passes and move to next section. I`m quite impressed with this machine and really look forward to using it again.

i think the ergonomics of it vs the Rupes (in my case) makes it much easier to use than the Rupes, although the Rupes is still noticeably smoother for the most part and feels more solid/monolithic. The G21 kinda sorta feels more `assembled` if that makes any sense, but is still very smooth and comfortable to use; it`s slightly more compact compared to the Rupes and the angle of the handle and more rounded rubber grips keep me from teeter-tottering the machine/pad as much, eliminating some measure of stalling.

Even though it`s a relatively flat vehicle in this case (Ford E250 panel vsn), and ideal for a 21mm stroke, there are still a few curves over the wheels and some recessed body accent lines that require more attention with the Rupes as opposed to the Flex, and the G21 took care of those with ease, hardly any stalling and quite willing to have the pad edge pushed into recesses to polish. While not apples to apples (21mm v 15mm) it`s become obvious that each has pluses and minuses compared to the other, mostly very minor things.

Regardless, anybody who dismisses the BOSS machines without having tried em, or disparages them as cheap Chinese knockoffs should probably rethink that narrow-minded view. The BOSS is certainly a solid piece of kit, worthy of consideration. I look forward to us8ng on a curvier vehicle to see if my current impressions hold. It`s a more comfortable machine to hold (for me) than the Rupes, with more rounded edges and rubber grips/inserts.

I did follow up on the hood with a yellow BOSS Pad and Scholl S40 and it worked very nicely and quickly; that extra 6mm of throw over a 15mm machine really covers a lot of ground efficiently.

As for a few more thoughts on BOSS v. Rupes,

What I prefer w the BOSS:

1. Variable speed trigger. Much more preferable to me, very easy to set working speed and then use variable speed trigger to slowly spread polish initially and then move right up to working speed without having to adjust speed dial. A little item but when you consider how often you do this at the start of each section,` it`s a more convenient approach than Rupes slow start.

2. Ergonomics. For me, BOSS is more comfortable to hold with its softer rubber grips here and there, bit more compact and rounded chassis as well. It just seems to rest in my hands in a more natural manner. Rupes is a bit more `square-ish` with regards to chassis.

3. Usage/effectiveness/learning curve. The BOSS just seemed to be easier to use effectively right outta the box. While it has a more powerful motor, spec-wise, than the Rupes, I`m not sure how (or if) that translates into more torque, thus less stalling.

I didn`t use any if the included washers to space the plate a bit off of the shroud for 100% free spinning and I`m not sure I will. The Rupes seems to have more shroud to plate drag/contact in its stock configuration as when cleanng/spinning` a microfiber pad with compressed air on the Rupes, the stock set up does not allow the pad to spin while compressed air is blown on pad. The G21 will spin while being blown off for effective pad cleaning. There is still some contact with the G21 as when pad stops spinning when power is switched off, it does not completely spin freely until momentum stops it; the last little bit of rotation stops in a manner which indicates friction is involved in the final stopping rather than loss of momentum.

What I prefer w the Rupes:

1. It`s a Rupes. For me, anyway, with the Rupes being the original long throw,` there`s just a certain mystique` (well warranted)` about their machines. The user experience with the Rupes is a very relaxing, almost artistic experience once you get your technique dialed in, which I still have yet to completely do; getting there but still a ways to go.

2. Smooth and soothing while in use. The Rupes still has an advantage in overall smoothness, especially with a billet backing plate bolted on and a yellow or white Rupes pad on it. It`s a combo that just makes me want to polish something for the sake of using it and enjoying the feel. The sound level of the Rupes is smooth as well, a consistent soothing `hum of quality`; G21 is a more mechanical sound although in no way objectionable

3. Rupes has 25ft cord option, not avaliable on G21 that I saw. Minor inconvenience at most but worthy of note.

Pretty much right after ordering the G21 I was on the fence regarding if it was dumb or not, being only an occasional hobbyist with the Rupes 15 and the Flex 3401 on the shelf already; after using it for a few hours, I have no regrets in buying and trying the G21, that`s for sure.

Below image of the BOSS21 v Rupes 15 Mk2 shows the slight differences in handle angle and ergonomics
Pros1. Progressive trigger 2, Ergonomics 3. Warranty
Cons1. No longer cord option
By david
nederland, Texas
the BOSS
February 25, 2016
This thing is a beast! I paired it with a 5 inch backing plate and it will shred defects. The handles and grip of this machine make it very comfortable to hold and use. The smoothness has helped my hands and wrists from being sore. Machine is not super heavy but it does have a little weight which is good cause it feels like a sold machine.
ProsGrip and handles very comfortable Powerful and smooth Warranty - griots is known for their superior customer service
ConsThe speed switch is backwards from every other machine i used. will take a bit to get use too
By Michael
Round Rock, TX
Awesome tool
February 5, 2016
Smooth, powerful action. Good balance and high quality construction & materials.
ProsPowerful Smooth High quality
By Michael
Venice FL
Great Polisher
August 27, 2015
Took a old 2001 P T Cruiser and made it look new again. Now on to the next one....