Lake Country Manufacturing

Lake Country ManufacturingLake Country Manufacturing has been producing foam buffing pads since 1977 for dual action and rotary polishers. Lake Country is one of the most well-known and well-respected pad makers in the industry with numerous innovations, such as Lake Country CCS Technology. Lake Country pads are available in multiple sizes to suit any detailing challenge. Complementary backing plates by Lake Country stand up to the heat and rigorous demands of machine polishing.

Flat pads made exclusively for use on DA or Random Orbital machines. All pads have Velcro buffed back from edge to avoid hitting the buffing surface as well to help center on the backing plate
CCS are perfect for use with DA or Random Orbital machines or Rotary Polishers. Dozens of dimples in the foam collect excess polish and reserve it until it is needed on the padís face
Specially engineered foams for use with water based compounds and polishes
Developed for use with gear-driven dual action polishers. The robust foam composition is built to withstand the increased wear that gear-driven polishers produce.
Designed specifically for long-throw dual action polishers. The dual-density design provides optimum surface contact and withstands extended usage on long-stroke machines.
For use with dual action polishers, the ThinPro Pad System was engineered to eliminate pad stall while providing a superior user experience
Microfiber pads quickly increase correcting power in your dual action polisher. The thousands of fiber strands provide the extra bite needed when working with harder paint types.
Designed to provide the maximum cut available, wool pads are the perfect match for rotary or dual action polishers.
Manufactured with a 5/16 spindle. Lake Country Dual Action backing plates fit most short-throw dual action polishers.
Lake Country set the standard in low-profile rotary backing plates. The steel plated, threaded insert fits any circular polisher with a 5/8 inch diameter shaft.
Donít like to buy ŗ la carte, no problem! Weíve removed the guess work and packaged up some Lake Countryís best sellers!