Meguiars 6 Inch DA Foam Discs

Meguiars 6 Inch DA Foam DiscsMeguiars 6 Inch DA Foam Discs are foam polishing discs that feature a super low profile design. Capable of correcting paint defects like swirl marks, scratches, and water spots with ease, these specially designed pads were designed for use with dual action polishers like the Meguias G110v2. When using Meguiars 6 Inch DA Foam Discs, each oscillation of the polisher offers better polishing ability, maximizing results.

Meguiars 6 Inch DA Foam Discs maximize the results of each rotation since there is less foam (and less weight) to rotate. While thicker foam pads have been the norm for many years, the thin pad design simply makes more sense! Since the pads are lighter, your dual action polisher won’t have to work so hard to rotate the pad. This allows better power transfer from tool to pad, offering better results!

Meguiars 6 Inch DA Foam Discs are available in three foam compositions:

Foam Cutting Pad
The foam cutting pad is composed of dense yet flexible foam. When used with a swirl remover, the cutting pad will remove moderate scratches, swirl marks, oxidation and other defects.

Foam Polishing Pad
The foam polishing pad features slightly less dense foam than that of the cutting pad. Use with a light swirl remover or fine polish to remove light swirls, oxidation, and other minor imperfections.

Foam Finishing Pad
The foam finishing pad offers no mechanical cutting ability. The soft foam is ideal for applying waxes, sealants, and glazes to produce maximum gloss.

Use Meguiars 6 Inch DA Foam Discs with the Meguiars DBP6 6 Inch Backing Plate for best results.
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