Covercraft Custom UVS Heat Shield

Item Description:

Custom windshield sunshade keeps your car interior cooler!

Reduces heat buildup inside vehicle.

Minimizes rubber and vinyl deterioration caused by UV rays.

The Covercraft UVS Heat Shield blocks out hot UV rays to protect your vehicle's interior and keep it more comfortable. The outward surface is covered in a highly reflective silver fabric to deflect the sun's rays. The inside of the heat shield is soft pellon felt. The interior of the heat shield is a foam board that insulates the car from heat.

The Covercraft UVS Heat Shield helps keeps the interior temperature down in your vehicle. It's a must-have during the summer!

The durable, custom-cutting heat shield minimizes the impact of UV rays on the dashboard, seats, carpet, and trim.

The Covercraft UVS Heat Shield folds up accordion-style for easy storage. A storage bag is sold separately.

Due to manufacturer delays, please allow 5-6 weeks for delivery. Express shipping and International shipping are not available on this item.

Covercraft Custom UVS Heat Shields block the sun!
Normal fitment: Some applications fit perfectly snug at all four corners.
Covercraft Custom UVS Heat Shields keep your interior cooler
Normal fitment: Some applications require extra room (top and sides).

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Please note: Fitment may vary from vehicle to vehicle due to windshield and dashboard design and in vehicle safety systems. If you have a particular question about your application, please give us a call at 1-877-855-3125.

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