Tire and Wheel Care

Tire and Wheel CareTo keep your wheels and tires looking good, you need a high performance wheel cleaner and tire protectant. Modern wheels present a substantial challenge, as heated dust particles from brake pads bombard the wheel and bake into the finish. If left on the wheel, a phenomenon known as galvanic corrosion sets in, which will eventually destroy your wheel's appearance. A high quality wheel cleaner used regularly will eliminate brake dust and grime.

Your car's factory wheels are painted with the same paint and clear-coat system used on the body of your car. While durable, the wheel’s clear-coat finish is subject to damage from acid compounds. Unfortunately, car wash shampoo soaps is not strong enough to break the bond between brake dust, road tar, road grime and the wheel. Clean your wheels regularly with a wheel cleaner and protect them with a wheel wax. Then apply a satin finish tire dressing for the final touch.