Meguiars Mirror Glaze Car Care Products

Meguiars Mirror Glaze Car Care ProductsFor over 110 years, the Meguiars Mirror Glaze line has been helping to pamper the paint on everything from horseless carriages to hotrods. Founded by Frank Meguiar in 1901, what began as a furniture polish company quickly transformed with the growing automotive market to include polishes and waxes for the first motorcars. Regardless of what his products were to be used for, Frank had very high standards for all formulas and required rigorous testing of all products prior to their release—a practice that continues to set Meguiars products apart from the competition.

In the early days of the Mirror Glaze line, the formulations were considered appropriate for professional use only and saw heavy use by body shops, car manufacturers, professional detailers, and dealerships. Many of the formulas are body shop safe, and have become the standard in custom paint shop settings. In the 1960s, when muscle cars ruled the roads and car shows became a popular weekend event, Meguiars became the go-to brand for a show-car shine. This growing popularity prompted the launch of Meguiars consumer line in 1973.

Now recognized worldwide as a trusted name in automotive paint care, the Meguiars Mirror Glaze line provides all of the products necessary to restore and maintain the like-new look of your vehicle. Whether you’re restoring your paint with the coveted M105 Ultra-Cut Compound, M205 Ultra Finishing Polish combo, or you’re restoring your headlights with Meguiars Plastic Care #10 and #17, your vehicle will become a head turner when you use Meguiars Mirror Glaze products.
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Serious Protection and a Deep, Wet Looking Shine!
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Meguiar's highest rated detail spray!
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Remove Scratches, Acid Rain, Severe Swirl and Other Defects!
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Produces Deep, High Gloss Finish!
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