MIRKA Sanding Products

MIRKA Sanding Products Founded in Helsinki, Finland, Mirka has been creating highly innovative solutions for sanding and surface preparation since 1943. A constant focus on research and development has allowed Mirka to remain at the forefront of abrasive technology since its inception. Each Mirka sanding product features the highest quality abrasives to ensure maximum efficiency, speed, and finish quality with every use, while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

Among the innovative products produced by Mirka are the Abralon and Microstar sanding discs. These cutting-edge sanding disc options produce very little dust, revolutionizing the way that people think about sanding. What’s more, each disc is designed to outlast traditional sanding papers reducing the environmental strain that an extensive restore can create.

Mirka Abralon Sanding Discs
Mirka Abralon Sanding Discs are composed of a multifunctional sanding material perfect for use on smooth, angled, and curved surfaces. The patented flexible construction minimizes the risk of pressure marks and allows the discs to contour to curves and angles on body panels to ensure smooth, even results. Each Abralon Sanding Disc features a fabric face, foam center, and grip backing with the abrasive grains spread evenly over the face. Air and water pass freely through the flexible weave creating perfect results when used wet or dry, by hand or by machine.

Mirka Microstar Sanding Discs
Mirka Microstar Sanding Discs are intended specifically for dry sanding applications. A stearate coating on each disc helps prevent abraded material from sticking to the face of the disc, making it resistant to clogs so that each disc will outlast the competition. The full resin bonded aluminum oxide grain ensures that Microstar Sanding discs create a fine scratch pattern that is easily buffed away to reveal perfect results.

Mirlon Total Scuff Pads
Mirlon Total Scuff Pads are designed for wet or dry scuffing applications. These unique pads feature Mirka’s innovative Total Coating Technology that is capable of creating a denser scratch pattern faster than even the original Mirlon Scuff pads can. Mirlon Total Scuff Pads are strong, flexible, and built to last when used wet or dry.