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Automotive Steam CleanersJust vacuuming your carpet and upholstery is usually not good enough to thoroughly clean it. Dirt, soil, oil, and even germs burrow deep into the fabric's fibers. Steam cleaners deep clean and sanitize carpet, upholstery, textile and hard surfaces with a concentrated blast of heated water vapor. The hot steam, combined with light agitation, cleans the surface without the use of powerful chemicals.

While steam cleaners are great for interior carpets and upholstery, they can also be used on a number of different surfaces on your vehicle. You can use your steam cleaner to clean and sanitize any material that is not heat-sensitive. They are ideal for cleaning engine compartments, suspension components, trunks, and even the chassis.

Steam cleaners are an excellent addition around the house, shop, or garage. The high temperature steam eliminates bacteria and odor, leaving behind a perfectly clean surface. Now you can truly sanitize your house without the use of powerful chemicals.

Not all steam cleaners are the same! Higher-end models, like the Mytee VS1500 Firebird Vapor Steamer, are able to convert a smaller amount of water into a higher temperature, more concentrated amount of steam. These high-end machines leave less water residue on the carpet, allowing them to dry faster. carries a selection of steam cleaners based on your cleaning needs.
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