CR Spotless Water Deionization Systems

CR Spotless Water Deionization Systems

CR Spotless Water Deionization Systems prevent water spots caused by hard water. CR's filtration systems attach to the water hose to filter minerals out of the water before it touches your vehicle. No minerals = no water spots!

Benefits of CR Spotless:

  • You save time because there's no need to towel-dry!
  • You eliminate the risk of towel-induced swirls and fine scratches.
  • By preventing water spots, you're also preventing etching. Below-surface paint damage requires time-consuming compounding and, in some cases, paint repair. CR Spotless Water Systems save your paint!

CR Spotless Water Systems are easy to use. Hook the system up to your water hose. As water flows through the system, it is automatically "cleaned" of dissolved solids. The water that exits your nozzle is clean, de-ionized water that will not cause water spots!

Choose from 100 gallon medium output units for personal use or opt for the high output 300 gallon units for professional detailing. Wall-mounted and portable systems are available.
CR Spotless Water Systems work with replaceable resin cartridges. The TDS meter on the system gives you an accurate reading of the total dissolved solids in the water. When it reads 30 ppm or more, the cartridges need to be changed. An included water restrictor maintains the optimal flow rate of water to ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned as it passes through the resins.

Finally - a way to prevent water spots! Clean household windows, outdoor furniture, cars, boats, RVs, motorcycles, and ATVs using the CR Spotless Deionization Systems.