Buffing & Polishing Pads, foam and wool buffing pads

Buffing and Polishing PadsAutopia-CarCare has all your buffing and polishing needs covered with our extensive selection of quality foam, wool and microfiber buffing and polishing pads from some of the biggest names in car care. We offer buffing and polishing pads in all shapes and sizes from Lake Country, Meguiars, Cyclo, Griots Garage and 3M. If you’ve ventured into the world of machine polishing with a dual action or high speed rotary polisher, rest assured Autopia-CarCare has the best polish, best compound, best car wax, and the best selection of buffing and polishing pads available anywhere.

Dual Action Polishers
Most dual action polishers are designed to utilize anywhere from a 3 to 6.5 inch foam or wool buffing pad when equipped with the appropriate backing plate. When performing heavy correction work, such as removing swirls and scratches, a 5.5 inch buffing pad is the preferred size by most professionals. For general polishing and waxing, a 6.5 inch buffing pad is ideal because it covers a larger area. For the tighter areas, we offer a complete selection of 3, 3.5 and 4 inch buffing and polishing pads. No area, big or small, should go unpolished on your car!

Circular/Rotary Polishers
If you’re a professional detailer and have the skills necessary to harness the power of a high speed rotary polisher such as the Flex PE14-2-150, DeWalt DWP849X or Makita 9227C, we have a complete selection of buffing and polishing pads, backing plates, and other essential accessories so you can do the job right the first time. With a high speed rotary polisher, you can use anywhere from a 3 inch buffing pad all the way up to an 8.5 inch buffing pad. A high speed rotary polisher should only be used by those who have honed their skills by spending countless hours polishing paint to perfection. For all your other polishing and buffing needs, a dual action polisher equipped with the right buffing or polishing pad is more than capable of removing swirls, scratches and applying a coat of your best car wax.