At, we will match or beat any competitor's price or promotion! We guarantee we have the best prices on car care products online. Shop around and if you find an identical item for less at another online store, tell us and we'll be happy to match it. To receive price matching:

    • Please provide a link to the item that you would like price-matched. You can call in your order or put the link in the comment box when you place your order online.


    • Competitor store must be a U.S.-based website.


    • Price match cannot be combine with other promotions


    • The item must be identical to our item - size, label, brand - the exact same product! We can only match prices on products we carry at


    • The total price, including shipping costs, is considered for price match.


    • We cannot match Amazon, Ebay, or other auction sites, closeouts, clearance, used items and membership clubs like Sams and Costco. Outlets are also excluded.


    • Price matching applies to in stock items. Drop-shipped and special order items are excluded.


    • Items that have been price matched are not eligible for additional discounts.


    • Price matching is not available on previously placed orders.


    • Price matching is not available on gift certificates.


  • We can match competitor's specials and promotional prices. They must meet the above criteria.

Price matching is at the discretion of and is subject to change at any time. Specials & Promotions: Price matching competitor specials and promotions is available, provided the same items are available on the competitor's website whose special or promotion that we are matching. The total price, including competitor's shipping cost, is factored in when price matching specials and promotions. Please note, only one promotion can be applied per order.