SCANGRIP Detailing Lights

SCANGRIP Detailing LightsHailing from Denmark, SCANGRIP Detailing Lights is a line of highly effective and innovative work lights designed to brighten any detail. Paint imperfections such as swirls, scratches, RIDs, and holograms are hard to see in dim lighting, making their removal harder than it already is. SCANGRIP Detailing Lights are designed to mimic the sun (the ideal lighting for identifying paint imperfections) right in the comfort of your own detail shop! Each light is manufactured using the most advanced technology, guaranteed to light the way onto perfect paint.

Each SCANGRIP light uses LED bulbs that provide instant brightness without drawing too much power. The energy efficient lights feature near perfect colormatching, ideal for auto painting in body shops, as well as identifying paint imperfections. The variety of detailing work lights provided by SCANGRIP means there will hardly be an instance that your SCANGRIP light is not needed! For close-up scrutiny with a direct beam of light, pick up the SCANGRIP Matchpen. For a work light bright enough to light your whole shop, check out the SCANGRIP Multimatch (especially when mounted on the SCANGRIP Tripod!). And for every detail job in between, the SCANGRIP Sunmatch provides the perfect balance of brightness and mobility.
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