Carnauba Car Waxes

Carnauba Car Waxes Using a car wax is the preferred form of protection for most enthusiasts looking for the maximum amount of shine and slickness. Carnauba car wax is normally applied by hand, creating an enjoyable nostalgic effect when using a quality car wax. As technology has improved, carnauba car wax has remained a favorite and the only way to go for show cars looking for that show winning shine. Carnauba car waxes feature a high content of carnauba, the hardest natural wax on the planet, which dries glossy and adds protective benefits such as UV and water repellency. With over 100 car waxes available such as Pinnacle Souveran Car Wax, BriteMax Vantage Car Wax and Zymol Car Wax, Autopia Car Care is your definitive source for your Car Wax supplies.
Regardless of if your applying a wax, sealant, coating, or even a tire dressing, you'll need the right applicator to do it. And, you can every applicator you need right here!
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Our finest car wax is bursting with a special blend of Brazilian Ivory Carnauba and natural oils to give the paint tremendous depth and richness.
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#1 rated carnauba car wax! Deep, rich show car shine.
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