Pinnacle Signature Series II Carnauba Paste Wax

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Pinnacle Signature Series II Paste Wax is the wax of enthusiasts who desire a warm, wet-looking shine on all paint colors and types. Pinnacle Signature Series II Paste Wax combines “Ivory" Brazilian Carnauba with fruit oils and liquid crystal polymers to infuse your paint work with a bright, wet, highly reflective shine that shimmers across the paint. It is Pinnacle's signature look, regardless of paint color. It is a shine with out equal.

Pinnacle Signature Series II makes lighter colored vehicles radiate with energy
Signature Series II is a wipe on, wipe off wax; no hazing time required.

Pinnacle Signature Series II Paste Wax is hand crafted with “Ivory" Brazilian Carnauba. “Ivory" Carnauba is created when the highest grade of natural carnauba, Brazilian T1 one, is refined to remove impurities. The result is a pure wax that creates a liquid shine while remaining crystal clear. Pinnacle Signature Series II is then hand crafted with natural fruit oils that wet the paint. To increase shine and durability, specially sourced liquid crystal polymers are added. This unique wax is carefully blended and cooked to precise standards. Each jar of Pinnacle Signature Series II Paste Wax is hand poured and allowed to cool in a controlled environment. The combination of refined “Ivory" carnauba, fruit oils, and liquid crystal polymers creates a wax that benefits all paint colors. The result is Pinnacle Signature Series II saturates all colors with a brilliant shine that dances across all paint colors and looks stunning in all light settings. It is a glossy, wet finish that can only be created by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. The scent of natural fruit oils is immediately noticeable as you open your jar of Signature Series II. This soft paste wax is best applied with the soft, included foam applicator. As you swipe the applicator over the wax you will see it melt on the pad. Now massage Pinnacle Signature Series II onto your paint a section at a time. It will melt into the paint. Using the supplied microfiber cloth, buff the section clean while Signature Series II is still wet. Repeat until your automobile radiates with bright, highly reflective shine.

Signature Series II makes lighter colored vehicles radiate with energy
Signature Series II makes the paint on this 2010 Porsche Carrera reflective and glossy.


For the absolute best results, gently wash your automobile with Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo and dry carefully. Use the extremely fine Pinnacle Ultra-Poly Clay to remove any foreign contamination from your paint work, restoring it's original luster and leaving it perfectly smooth. Finish preparing your paint with Pinnacle Paintwork Cleansing Lotion. Apply Pinnacle Signature Series II by hand, massaging into the paint and removing, a section at a time.

Note: Pinnacle Signature Series II does not contain cleaning agents or harsh solvents. It can be a layered for more shine and will not stain trim.

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