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Dakota Odor Eliminator Products

Dakota Odor Eliminator Products

Dakota Products, Inc. produce odor removal products for cars, homes, offices and more. Dakota’s odor control products are used by professionals and consumers to eliminate odors in vehicles, homes, boats, offices, and anywhere else that malodors occur.

The centerpiece of the Dakota line up, Dakota Non Smoke, is a strong smoke order remover that is very effective at removing the cigarette smoke smell from car interiors. The Dakota Odor Bomb Total Release Odor Eliminator effectively removes a wide range of odors and come in a variety of fragrances that leave a fresh, clean scent.

$6.99, 3/$17.99
(5 Reviews)
Remove Cigarette Smoke Odor!
$10.99, 3/$27.99
(7 Reviews)
Eliminates Odor!
$7.99, 3/$19.99
(3 Reviews)
$7.99, 3/$19.99
(1 Review)
$7.99, 3/$19.99
(4 Reviews)