Winter Car Care

<font color="blue"><strong>Winter Car Care </strong> </font>" title="<font color="blue"><strong>Winter Car Care </strong> </font>Snow and freezing temperatures are fun for hockey players and Eskimos, but not so much for your daily driver. Snow, road salt, freezing temperatures and ice can wreak havoc on your vehicle's paint, rubber, trim, and windshield. has your winter car care needs covered from waxes that insulate your paint from salt to tire pressure gauges that measure accurately in the cold; from window treatments that stop fog and frost in its tracks to innovative ice scrappers. Rinseless and waterless washes are a great way to clean your ride in the warmth of your garage as well. With a little knowledge and quality winter car care products, your vehicle will ride through winter with the shine and protection it deserves.
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Economical and Environmentally Friendly!
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Protect paint with synthetic wax against water and road salts.
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