Pinnacle Crystal Mist Detail Spray

Item Description:

You'll agree, this is the Ultimate High Gloss Detail Spray!

Safely removes light dust and dirt

Perfect for use at a car show

Provides a rich, deep, wet gloss

Pinnacle Crystal Mist Carnauba Detail Spray is formulated with restructured gloss-enhancing crystalline polymers, nourishing oils, and real Brazilian carnauba wax to provide your vehicle with an instant burst of shine and slickness. Pinnacle Crystal Mist Carnauba Detail Spray is the next generation of quick detailers.

Pinnacle Crystal Mist meets all VOC standards in all 50 states. But, absolutely nothing was sacrificed in the remaking of Crystal Mist. The real carnauba wax, the crystalline polymers and the natural oils have been reconfigured and maximized to create the ultimate high gloss detail spray.

The crisp reflections and deep, wet shine of a fresh coat of wax are soon covered by a light layer of dust, dirt, and pollen. Crystal Mist lubricates the paint surface to remove light contamination such as this, without scratching or marring the finish. Paint will appear clean, vibrant and brilliantly glossy.

The oils in Crystal Mist do more than lubricate dirt; they also enrich automotive paint. The paint, including clear coat, is actually a porous surface that can dry out or be hydrated with oils. Crystal Mist is packed with compatible oils that improve paint’s texture and appearance for an overall healthier, more youthful-looking paint finish.

Natural carnauba wax gives Crystal Mist its distinctive, wet-looking shine. Carnauba, combined with crystalline polymers, creates sharp reflections and silky paint. This state-of-the-art carnauba-polymer matrix also enables Crystal Mist to bond to the existing wax for an instant but long-lasting gloss. Particularly on top of Souveran™ Paste Wax, Crystal Mist reactivates the existing wax so you’re not just seeing a surface gloss – you’re seeing the depth and dimension of multiple layers of carnauba.

Key Features:
  • Meets VOC guidelines
  • Can be layered over carnauba waxes & paint sealants
  • Dries crystal clear with deep gloss
  • Extends the shine of existing wax

Pinnacle Crystal Mist Spray Wax maintains the fresh-looking shine of Souveran Carnauba Wax.
Crystal Mist looks amazing on black.

Pinnacle’s research into crystalline polymers has yielded polymers that refract light similarly to cut crystal. Because of these multi-faceted polymers, Crystal Mist makes light dance over the curves of a vehicle. Black and red vehicles will have a particularly dramatic effect with the paint bathed in brilliant light and glossy reflections.

The proprietary blend of ingredients in Pinnacle Crystal Mist has been reformulated to meet all VOC requirements for a quick detail spray. This reformulation created an exceedingly surface-safe product that dazzles on any type of paint.

Crystal Mist has oxygen-activated polymers that bond to the paint as they are exposed to air. Ten minutes after applying Crystal Mist, the paint feels even slicker and looks wetter because the polymers have reacted with oxygen. If you are applying Crystal Mist on top of Souveran, you’ll see exceptional results after the polymers react and bond to the existing carnauba wax.

Pinnacle Crystal Mist is compatible with all waxes and synthetic sealants. The natural oils and carnauba allow Crystal Mist to perform well in hot, humid climates. For the best results, always use a plush Cobra microfiber towel.

Renew the just-waxed shimmer with Pinnacle Crystal Mist. This advanced formulation cleans and shines with an ultra-safe, ultra-shiny combination of ingredients that you won’t find in any other quick detail spray.


Crystal Mist takes just minutes to apply to your entire vehicle!
Use a soft, plush towel to buff Pinnacle Cystal Mist Detail Spray.

1. If your vehicle is particularly dirty, wash and dry it before applying Crystal Mist.

2. Spray a thin, even mist onto one panel at a time.

3. Buff to a bright, reflective shine.

4. Using Crystal Mist as you towel-dry your vehicle will prevent water spots by wiping away mineral deposits.
Detailing Tips:
Mist dry foam pads with Crystal Mist before applying polish or paste wax by machine. The lubricating oils will allow products to spread more easily.

Crystal Mist also helps remove stubborn wax residues.

If you are applying a wax or sealant and you find white chalk residue on trim or emblems, use Crystal Mist and a soft cloth to clean up.


Use Pinnacle Crystal Mist as a pad lubricant prior to polishing your vehicle with a Porter Cable 7424.

Learn more about Made in USA Certification. Learn more about VOCs.

16 oz.

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90% Recommend this product (9 of 10 responses)
By Gary
Fairfax, Virginia
THE BEST Detailer, Period
July 20, 2018
I tried other detailers, but the Pinnacle line of products have proven to me that they really are "Pinnacle". It makes my Paint "POP" after I use it.
Everything is a "Pro" with this detailer. Excellent Value as well. None.
By Dwight S.
Blanchard, Oklahoma
Excellent product!
July 16, 2018
I use Pinnacle Detail Spray all the time to detail my vehicles. Very easy to apply and the shine is the best I have every seen! Recommend it highly!
By Dave
Awesome spray
July 12, 2018
Goes on easy and comes off very easy,excellent shine
Simple to use,awesome shine,has pleasant smell! Price is a little steep but you get what you pay for and this is good stuff
By Fahri B.
The Best
July 12, 2018
There is no doubt it is the best of its class.Before I used European products,but this is on top of them.
Use after Pinnacle Souveran Paste Wax/Pinnacle Liquid Spray Wax for excellent maintanence... None..
By Jim
San Diego, CA
Very good product
November 19, 2016
Crystal Mist is a great way to add that final touch to your detailing effort
By Ken
Pinnacle Detail Spray
January 5, 2016
One word its works. One our cars which are light in color this gives them a brilliant shine.
Excellent shine price
By David
Best ever
December 2, 2015
Love it. The QD steps are Spray Spread Wipe. Most others I've used don't really spread (the towels just soak them up) but this actually spreads perfectly and you can see it's actually leaving a layer of shine as you buff it off.
Everything Nothing
By Todd
Good stuff!
July 6, 2014
Eliminates water spots when drying car. Leaves a nice shine. Easy on easy off.
By Neilson
Alexandria, Louisiana
March 7, 2014
I keep a bottle of this in my truck with me for bird bombs or mishaps. I love the smell and performance. Leaves a nice slick feeling. great shine.
smell it works price
By Dave
July 29, 2011
I think this is the best detail spray i have ever tried. It goes on smooth and won't streak. I use this stuff after I wax to remove any hazing and to make the paint pop!!! Bought it by the gallon an I use it regularly.