Wolfgang Uber Rinseless Wash

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Wolfgang Uber Rinseless Wash is the ultimate rinseless wash formula offering maximum lubrication and cleaning power without the waste. This highly concentrated formula is thick and slick, providing a safe way to remove road grime without scratching delicate paint. Wolfgang Uber Rinseless Wash will quickly become your favorite alternative to traditional car washing methods!

Whether you’re dealing with tough water restrictions due to drought or HOA regulations, a particularly frigid streak of weather, you don’t have access to a free-flowing water source, or you just want to save a little water, you need a high-performance rinseless wash. Wolfgang Uber Rinseless Wash fits that bill completely! The versatile Wolfgang Uber Rinseless Wash formula is perfect for washing your vehicle virtually anywhere, regardless of the challenges and restrictions in place.

Wolfgang Uber Rinseless Wash is concentrated, so you only need one ounce to turn 3 gallons of water into a highly lubricated, super effective rinseless wash solution. Even the best rinseless wash shouldn’t be used in every situation—like after a muddy off road trek—but that won’t stop Wolfgang Uber Rinseless Wash from making your life easier! Add half an ounce of Wolfgang Uber Rinseless Wash to your standard car wash solution to eliminate water spots and ad additional lubrication. Before a full detail, mix one ounce of Wolfgang Uber Rinseless Wash with a gallon of water for the perfect clay lubricant, then when the job is complete, use a mixture of two ounces of Wolfgang Uber Rinseless Wash and one gallon of water as a quick detail spray in between washes. Now that’s versatility!

  • Rinseless wash (1 ounce Wolfgang Uber Rinseless Wash : 3 gallons water)
  • Standard car wash solution booster (add ½ ounce Wolfgang Uber Rinseless Wash to wash bucket)
  • Clay lubricant (1 ounce Wolfgang Uber Rinseless Wash : 1 gallon water)
  • Quick detail spray (2 ounces Wolfgang Uber Rinseless Wash : 1 gallon water)

16 oz.

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By Joseph
San Antonio, Texas
Awesome product!
August 2, 2021
Great as a rinseless wash, but I mainly use it diluted for detailing spray. About 3-4 ounces per gallon (distilled water of course) and it works great! Much more economical than buying the premixed stuff off the shelf at the stores.
The smell is awesome as well and leaves a little bit of protection if you're too lazy to apply a wax or sealant.
A little goes a long way using it diluted. Leaves shine and protection. Smells great. The built in measuring cup is ingenious. none
By Richard
Simpsonville, SC
Fantastic wash
November 3, 2020
I have used ONR for a while with good results and wanted to try a different product. I think this might be slightly better for Gloss/slickness but might not be as good at cleaning.

I have used it at the waterless wash dilution primarly as it is very efficient and looks great. When used as a rinseless wash the different between ONR is less noticeable but seems to function just as well.
Smell, slickness, gloss.
By Jean J.
, Philadelpia PA
Excellent Product!
August 13, 2020
Works really well. I love that you only need one once to 3 gallons ratio in order to do a rinse less wash. Also can dilute into a detail spray. I finally stopped buying the 16oz and just made the investment and saved some money and bought the $79. Gallon. I highly recommend.
2 in 1 product wash and detail spray Little pricey but well worth it. 👍🏾
By kevin
Great product
July 4, 2020
This is the best rinse less wash,clay lube and quick detailer on the market. I would highly recommend this product to any person who cares about their car
By Brian
San Antonio , Texas
Great Product
January 26, 2020
I use this rinseless wash in my buckets while washing as well as a 1:15 solution to water dilution ration to make an awesome detainling spray. Both methods work very well
Can be diluted and still work well No streaking Smell Price is higher than a lot of other rinseless washes but after making several 16 oz detail spray solutions it basically pays for itself
By Usman
Best Rinseless Wash Ever!
January 14, 2019
I have used both ONR and Wolfgang Uber and Wolfgang Uber is the CLEAR winner to me! The results speak for themselves every time! It cleans better, much more slick and far better concentrated than ONR. I'm an auto detailer, and I find myself reaching for the Wolfgang nearly every time! I use ONR mainly on maintenance washes. I also have made a quick detailer spray with Wolfgang and it works amazing!
Great bottle for accurate measures Super slick and concentrated! Multi-Purpose! None!
By Julio
Dickinson, TX
Uber Rinsless wash
August 8, 2018
I use it as drying aid detail spray leaves tremendous gloss and shine that stands out every time on any paint color. can be used as a clay bar lube, rinseless wash and waterless wash. great product top quality.
High gloss versatile None
By F C.
Erie pa
I save so much money as a detail spray
July 17, 2018
I decided to give this a try as a detail spray... ( with proper solution and distilled water) I will never buy a detail spray ever again. Super bang for your buck!! This is some good ish!!
Amazing product. Wish it was cheaper cause I'm cheap but in all honesty... it's priced well. Does an amazing job so no.... no real con.
By Mike H.
Houston Texas
It works
July 13, 2018
I tried this on a car that I had washed four days earlier, The car had water spots from the rain and the very light dust, nothing more. This product works great. I will use as a mid week touch up in between washes.
Works well. Wiped off easily with a waffle weave drying towel. Didn’t leave any residue. Just a great shine. Absolutely nothing
By Martin Q.
Amazing Gloss and Shine
July 12, 2018
Best Rinseless carwash out there for the $ imo. Super slick, with great gloss and shine. Makes a great quick detail spray also
Gloss and Shine are excellent None
By Steve
Corsicana, Texas
Great product for cleaning and a quick detailer
July 12, 2018
Product works great for both cleaning and as a quick detailer when diluted as needed.
By Jason
springfield, VA
no regrets
October 10, 2017
Id rank this probably number 4 of my top 4 favorite rinseless washes. slick, cleans good and smells good.
By Richard
Raleigh, NC
First time used Uber rinseless wash
January 25, 2017
Worked far better and easier than I thought was possible. Very fast, very clean and shines great. Cleaned two light to moderate vehicles in 20-30 minutes total.
Easy Honestly cannot think of any.
By Joe
Central, CT
June 1, 2016
I now use Uber as my exclusive rinseless and waterless product. Cleans well and leaves a great shine and slickness. Drying your vehicle with Uber is amazing. Even in Winter when I'm doing a rinseless wash in my garage with colder temperatures, Uber makes drying so much easier. Never any water spots or streaking, just a great finish.
By Zach
St. Louis, MO
My new Favorite Rinseless Concentrate
February 9, 2016
I have tried a lot of rinseless washes: Ultima, D114, ONR, Chemical Guys, and more. This is my favorite out of the bunch, mainly because of the dilution ratios and the ease of use.
It's slick, streak-free, smells kind of good, dilutes really well, and doesn't stain wash media. There really are none. Price, maybe?
By Chris
Seattle, WA
My current favorite Rinseless Wash...
January 27, 2016
I've been a long time user of ONR and this has taken its place as my favorite rinseless washes. I've used it on my recently polished black paint and it resulted in a scratch free washing experience.

The slickness makes it glide across the surface giving me confidence that it wasn't inflicting swirls into my paint. Drying was very easy with a waffle weave towel and left a streak free finish.

Product has a cherry cough syrup smell that wasn't my favorite. What I do like is how the product dissolves once mixed into the water. Water turns a cloudy pink color that lets you know that its there.
Lubricity made it felt like towel was gliding across paint Left surface feeling very slick and clean Easy dilution ratio - 1 oz to 3 gallons of water Easy to wipe off leaving streak free finish
By Philip
San Diego, CA
Best rinseless wash so far
December 7, 2015
I've tried ONR, ONRWW, Opti-clean, and Megs D115 and this thing out-slicks them all. Cleaning ability is on par with all of them but it's so much more slick during the washing and drying phases. Dilution ratios are very economical too. Smells like really fake cherry but the smell doesn't linger too long and doesn't seem to stain washing media or towels.
Cleaning ability SLICKNESS Gloss and slickness left behind Economical dilution ratios Doesn't stain media Convenient measuring compartment built into bottle Smells like cheap cherry candy but not too bad
By Jeremy
Duluth, GA
Great product
December 5, 2015
Living in an apartment, I'm doing a lot of rinseless washes. Started with UWW, but was excited to see a Wolfgang rinseless product. Catch it on sale and buy in bulk and it's a great value. Works just as well as ultima.
Cleans well and leaves a nice gloss