Buff & Shine Low-Pro Large Throw Foam Pad System

Buff and Shine Low-Pro Large Throw Foam Pad SystemBuff & Shine Low-Pro Large Throw Foam Pads are specifically built to withstand the power of a long throw polisher. Constructed using state-of-the-art foams and heat-resistant rubber interfaces these unique pads won’t break down under intense polishing conditions. Buff & Shine Low-Pro Large Throw Foam Pads are the perfect choice for use with polishers like those in the RUPES Bigfoot and Griots Garage BOSS lineups.

The advent of long throw polishers has been a great innovation in the car reconditioning field, but up until now, the variety of pads available for these time-saving machines has been severely limited. Buff & Shine set out to create a line pads that not only correct and polish paint, but can also stand up in extreme polishing conditions. The Buff & Shine Low-Pro Large Throw Foam Pad System meets ticks both of those boxes with innovative foams and durable construction packed into each pad.

Buff & Shine Low-Pro Large Throw Foam Pads are designed using innovative foams that won’t collapse under the pressure of long-throw polishers. Each pad is made in the USA and features flame, fuel, and oil resistant rubber interfacing that helps dissipate heat protecting the foam itself. The interface also helps distribute pressure over the surface being polished to ensure more consistent results.

Buff & Shine Low-Pro Large Throw Foam Pads are available in the following compositions:
5.5 inch Green Low-Pro Extreme Cutting Foam Pad Green Extreme Cutting
The Green Extreme Cutting foam pad is designed for use on hard paint systems with severe defects. The coarse, dense foam levels swirl marks, scratches, water spots, and other imperfections with little effort.
5.5 inch Orange Low-Pro Medium Cut/Polishing Foam Pad Orange Medium Cut/Polishing
The Orange Medium Cut Polishing Pad features dense, sharp foam ideal for use on moderate to heavy paint defects, even on hard paint systems. This pad will remove light scratches and swirls marks along with water spots and oxidation.
5.5 inch Maroon Low-Pro Polishing Foam Pad Maroon Polishing
The Maroon Polishing pad constructed of dense, durable foam that is perfect for polishing a softer paint system to a high gloss. This pad offers just enough cut to remove light swirl marks, holograms, marring, and other imperfections.
5.5 inch Red Low-Pro Finishing Foam Pad Red Finishing
The Red foam pad is composed of soft, yet durable foam that is ideal for applying your favorite polish, glaze, wax, or sealant. This pad is safe for use on all paint systems and creates an incredibly glossy finish.