GYEON Q2M Ceramic Detailer - 400 ml

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Get the best of all worlds!

GYEON Q2 Ceramic Detailer give you an efficient and effective way to clean light levels of contamination while boosting all the properties of your current protectant. This SiO2 based quick detailer is packed with lubricants to remove light dust, smudges, and fingerprints while leaving a slick and glossy finish. GYEON Q2 Ceramic Detailer can be used to maintain that freshly detailed appearance on both coated and non-ceramic coated vehicles. Serving as both a cleaner, booster, and drying aid, you'll probably wondering why you haven't already picked up a bottle of GYEON Q2 Ceramic Detailer!

DRYING AID! Formulated with lubricants to reduce the risk while drying softer, more delicate paint types!
Each time you come into contact with your paint, it's a risk. Softer paints are highly susceptible to marring during the drying stage. In turn, you can't leave water on the surface to create water spots. GYEON Q2 Ceramic Detailer can easily resolve this issue with the lubricants packed into the formulation. A quick mist to the surface and you'll easily be able to glide your drying towel safely off the surface. Come back with a soft microfiber buff you paint to a slick, high gloss shine!

BOOSTER! GYEON Q2 Ceramic Detailer contains SiO2 to add protection to older coatings!
Regardless of if your coating is on month 1 or month 10 of its lifespan, GYEON Q2 Ceramic Detailer can keep it looking like day 1! This detailer adds a layer of slick, glossy SiO2 protection over your existing coating to refresh all of its best qualities. With a simple spray and wipe application process, you'll be surprised just how easy it is to keep your coating looking fresh!

DETAILER! The lubrication and cleaning properties easily remove light contamination!
Don't roll up to your next car meet looking dusty. While many protectants are great at keeping contamination at bay, nothing is 100% resistant. The quick detailing elements of GYEON Q2 Ceramic Detailer quickly removed any eye sore with ease. From fingerprints to smudges and dust, GYEON Q2 Ceramic Detailer will quickly bring your ride back to show car status!

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