Griots Garage BOSS Innerflex Pads

Griots Garage BOSS Innerflex PadsGriots Garage BOSS Innerflex Pads allow even novice users to safely buff every inch of their vehicles. These carefully engineered reticulated foam interface pads help your BOSS Foam or Micro Fiber Pads better conform to the curves of body panels while reducing the amount of energy transferred between the tool and the pad. Griots Garage BOSS Innerflex Pads help extend pad life while improving paint finishing.

Griots Garage BOSS Innerflex Pads open up an entirely new facet of capability for your Griots Garage BOSS G15 or G21 Polisher. By adding the Innerflex pad between the polisher and the BOSS Pad of your choice, you create an entirely different cut level and in turn a completely different set of results than when polishing with a pad alone. By adding an intermediate layer between the pad and the backing plate, the cut of the pad is diminished making an ideal situation for beginning detailers, or those adjusting to the power of the BOSS lineup.

Griots Garage BOSS Innerflex Pads feature lightening holes over the entire face of the pad to reduce weight and diminish buildup of heat while polishing. Premium hook and loop backing adhered with thermoset bonding ensures that your Griots Garage BOSS Innerflex Pads will be able to withstand the conditions created by the powerful BOSS G15 and G21 polishers. The simple addition of a Griots Garage BOSS Innerflex Pad to your polisher creates a less aggressive, more pliable setup that will provide impeccable results!

Available in 5.5 inch and 6.5 inch sizes.